Interview: Table Talk

Table Talk’s Sal Salamone recently took some time to answer questions about the band, their recording process for Where I Am Without You, and more. Check out the full interview below.

What was the recording process like for Where I Am Without You?

The recording process for Where I Am Without You was a wonderful time. We were lucky enough to be able to work with an old friend of ours Matt Lagattuta from Giants at Large for WIAWY and it felt so natural and constructive. Matt’s always been a huge influence on us since we first really joined the scene and has been at the center of other projects that we’ve all been a part of over the years. To finally do something with Matt under Table Talk was very fulfilling and I wouldn’t have asked or trusted anyone else to handle these songs.

With the EP being two songs, is there more new music in the works?

Yes! We’ve written and demoed out about 5 other songs aside from the two we’ve just put out and we have a lot more that are currently being worked on late nights at the space.

What’s the best part about being in a band based out of NY?

Definitely the accessibility to be able to play anywhere in the tri-state area where a lot of really incredible bands have been killing it for years. I love being able to throw together a weekend of shows, play four different states and see all of the friends we’ve made in that place whether it’s South Jersey/Philly, the Poconos, or New Bedford.

What goes into the songwriting process for the band? How do you ultimately put a song together before hitting the studio?

It usually starts with Ryan and I bringing an idea to practice that we’ve started laying the groundwork for ourselves, mostly in our heads. We really rely on one another to push and create something unique every time we work on a song whether it’s trying a new bridge part or changing the melody in a chorus. We have a very constructive writing process that can sometimes get heated but in the way that leads to better writing and better songs like I think we have been.

Do you have any hobbies outside of the band or does that take up a good chunk of your free time?

Pretty much the only thing I would consider a consistent hobby is music. Everything else tends to come and go depending on how I’m feeling about music. There are some weeks where I can’t stand the thought of playing a guitar or writing a song so I try and focus my attention and creativity on another outlet.

Any local NY bands you think everyone should be checking out?

Our boys in Whittled Down are about to drop the sickest record of 2017 so be on the look out for that. Aside from that there’s Giants at Large, Macseal, Casanova, Makeshift, Nice Shot Kid and a hell of a lot more that are all killing it right now.

What else can we expect from the band in 2017?

A lot of shows, a tour in the fall potentially, and maybe a new record… but I can’t confirm any of that.

Thanks for your time. Where can our readers follow the band?

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