Welcome to Geekdom 090: Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Welcome to Geekdom returns with a new guest, Kt Schaefer. She joins to discuss Solo: A Star Wars Story. We talk about the cast, what worked well, what made it a fun heist movie, and more. You can subscribe on iTunes, Overcast, or Google Play and check out the episode below.

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Monday Musings: Star Wars Galore

monday musings

On Friday, I found myself sitting in the theater to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Initially, I had no plans to go on the official opening day, but thanks to Moviepass and some single seats still being available, I decided to go. Since then, I’ve been consuming quite a bit of content on the movie and wanted to share some of it. Spoilers ahead.

Rian Johnson on The Big Picture

Rian Johnson had a chat with The Ringer‘s Sean Fennessey about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s a great (and quick) listen.

Just How Seriously Should We Take This Star Wars: The Last Jedi Backlash?

The divide between critics and “true fans” has been a long-running narrative surrounding the superhero films over at Warner Bros., but this is the first time Lucasfilm has really had to grapple with it. As Forbes points out, when it comes to Star Wars, this appears to be by far the biggest gap between critical and popular opinion. Or is it?

This is a good read on the various ratings around the internet for the film. Personally, I enjoyed it, but there certainly have been mixed reviews.

The Last Jedi Has a Snoke Problem

Now, there’s an argument to be made in favor of offing the Supreme Leader without explaining his whole deal. For one thing, it’s a clever subversion of expectations on the part of writer-director Rian Johnson. Rather than take the obvious path of giving us the information we crave, he makes an abrupt left turn and throws us off balance.

Abraham Riesman is a writer who I’ve been reading more and more from. If you’re looking for some takes to read on Snoke, check this one out.

‘The Last Jedi’ Has Something That No Other Franchise Can Claim

In 2017, our villains must be different. The real world is run by a menagerie of monsters, their misdeeds and grotesqueries made public with every passing hour. Who needs science fiction when we have C-SPAN. And so the Star Wars franchise, revived for modern times with a spunky, hopeful ethic that champions diversity and community, requires an evil that is more complex and more conflicted. Where once there was Vader, now there is his (only?) grandson, Ben Solo, reborn as the self-styled heavy-in-waiting Kylo Ren.

Yes, I started and ended this post with content from Sean Fennessey. This is a fun read on Kylo Ren as a villain.

I still have a ton of Star Wars content saved to check out, so this is only a little look at what’s out there.

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Monday Musings: Cyber Monday Deals

monday musings

Monday Musings is back with some Cyber Monday deals. We have some music, movies, and more to check out.

Star Wars trilogy on DVD/Blu-ray

The Star Wars trilogy is available for $20 on DVD and Blu-ray. The prequels are also up for $20. Get your Star Wars fix if you don’t already own the films.

Modern Vinyl deal thread

Modern Vinyl put up a great thread on various deals from a ton of great record labels and stores. Go grab yourself some good music today.It says Black Friday deals, but the Cyber Monday ones are there, too.

Wreck It Records digital sale

I put up a Cyber Monday sale for my label today. Some releases are “name your price,” but for those that aren’t, you can grab them for 50% with code “CYBER” over on Bandcamp.

Other Amazon Deals

Just hop on over to the Cyber Monday page on Amazon to check out tons of other deals.

Book Review: Star Wars: Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson

Captain Phasma was introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015 and has made appearances in various Star Wars media since then. One of the most recent appearances is in Star Wars: Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson. The book covers a variety of stories from her time on Parnassos, her home planet, before she joined the First Order.

What Dawson does well with this book is that she tells the story from the perspective of Siv, who spent time with Phasma on their home planet. She tells the story to a rebellion spy, Vi Moradi, who ends up being captured by Cardinal in the First Order. He keeps her his little secret as he tries to find out how to get rid of Phasma. Telling the story that way gives you an outside look at Phasma, instead of seeing everything from her perspective, which would likely come across quite differently.

Having the outside perspective lets you know just how cold and calculating Phasma could be and how everyone around her perceives her. While we don’t get much of her own thoughts on her past, she says enough by the end of the book to make you realize exactly who she is and how accurate the stories about her are.

Throughout the book, you also see what Cardinal thinks of her and they’re supposedly on the same side. Both are trusted within the First Order to train the troopers, but Phasma is a step above Cardinal and that irks him to no end. Dawson portrays every character in the book with a great amount of care and detail. Switching between the stories and the present day gives a little break in the action, but also leaves you wanting to know more about Phasma, which is exactly how Cardinal feels when Vi finished up a story, too.

Overall, this book is a great look into the character and with Phasma appearing in The Last Jedi, I recommend checking it out if you want to know more about her. You can pick up a copy of the book via Amazon.

Monday Musings: Star Wars, Noah Gundersen, and Manchester Orchestra

monday musings

Monday Musings returns with some new music and some Star Wars videos for you. Take a break to check them out when you have a moment.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny

Star Wars has released nine new shorts so far for Forces of Destiny. They feature the ladies of Star Wars and tell some great stories. Check out the playlist of all of the videos.

Noah Gundersen – “The Sound”

Noah Gundersen has released “The Sound,” which will be on his upcoming album, White Noise. The album will be out on September 22nd. It’s great to hear some new music from him and I’m absolutely looking forward to the new album.

Manchester Orchestra – “The Moth”

Manchester Orchestra is another band that has a new album coming out soon. I’ve been enjoying the singles, and this one just makes me more eager to get the full album at the end of the month.

I hope you’ve been enjoying these Monday Musings posts. To see past ones, head here.