Review: PUP – ‘The Dream Is Over’


PUP come out swinging with their new album, The Dream Is Over. “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will” sends out a strong message right away and it’s immediately followed by two bangers in “DVP” and “Doubts.” Although, the albums is full of songs that rip. This is easily one of the fastest paced albums I’ve listened to this year and it was refreshing. I found myself continually focusing on the guitar tones and just couldn’t get enough of them. The guitars probably stood out the most for me in “Old Wounds.”

On another note, if you just read the song titles, they definitely fulfill the idea of the dream being over, as the album title states. Personally, I love it when things like that flow so well because you can tell that the band put a lot of thought and effort into the whole process. They also did some unique things with press like having an 8-bit music video. There’s definitely more, but you should just go look at those things yourself. Chances are if you’re still reading this review, you’re already interested in the band. The whole process for this release has been fantastic and I highly suggest checking it out tomorrow.

Before I finish, though, I do want to talk about the closer. “Pine Point” starts off drastically different from the rest of the album. You get vocals and an acoustic guitar. Then a shaker and the rest of the instruments creep in. The vocals gave off a more folksy vibe to start, and despite the difference from the majority of the album, I think this is the only song they could have closed with. It would have felt out of place anywhere else. I loved this album through and through. If you think you will, too, go grab a copy here.