Playlist: A Page Unturned Shares Top LA Bands

A Page Unturned

A Page Unturned took some time to pick out their favorite LA bands and share them with us. Take a look and listen to their selections below.

Billie Eilish – “bellyache”

She has an incredible voice and such a cool persona. Always brings so much energy to the stage and puts no boundaries on her genre or creativity. – Ryan

I’m Her Own Words – “Cut & Dry”

My friend Daisuke showed me these guys in 2015 and I’ve been a fan since. I just dig their sound. – Ryan

NOFX – “Linoleum”

Who doesn’t like NOFX? They’re the definition of punk and continue to put out music today after almost 30 years. They don’t care if anyone likes it and that’s what punk rock is all about. – Ryan

Hoobastank – “Just One”

It’s not too much to say they made a big wave for Emo. The melodies are catchy and their music will keep being the standard for Emo music.

Jack’s Mannequin – “Spinning”

The singer Andrew was diagnosed in Leukemia in 2005. They released 2nd album after his recovery and the sound always told me how strong we all are and how amazing our life is. – Yoshihiro

Linkin Park – “Numb”

Nothing to say, they’re legends in long rock music history. Their music will carry on till the end of time. – Yoshihiro

Every Other Year – “One Day”

We were on the same bill as them at one of our shows recently and we thought they were a really good band. Brought a lot of energy and had really good tunes.

The Dickies – “Stukas Over Disneyland”

One of those classic punk bands from the 70’s and 80’s that my Dad showed me. Very catchy vocal melodies, intricate guitar riffs and some very funny songs. – Damon

Gardenside – “Blind”

A band from LA that a friend of my told me to check out on Spotify and I thought they were great! Hopefully we’ll get to be on the same bill as them one of these days. – Damon

Yellowcard – “Ocean Avenue”

One of those bands that we grew up listening to from our genre. They were an overall great band with catchy tunes and the violinist is awesome! – Damon

Playlist: Come Clean Share Top 10 Halloween Songs

Come Clean

Rob Hendley of Come Clean shared his top 10 Halloween songs. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit with Halloween just days away now. Check out the song selections.

John Carpenter – “Halloween Theme”
Halloween is my favorite Halloween movie. I used to be pretty afraid of Michael Meyers as a kid, but I still watched it anyway and I still watch the movies around Halloween, lonely tradition of mine I suppose.

Bobby Pickett- “Monster Mash”
I’ve always liked this song for as long as i can remember. I think most of us probably do and I don’t think I need to be too descript on why it makes my Halloween list. For some reason I have a very strong memory of hearing this song, walking through Lowe’s Hardware, and seeing their big inflated Halloween decorations display.

Alkaline Trio – “We’ve Had Enough”
I think Alkaline Trio will always be my #1 fall time band. They are one of my favorite bands ever and I love how they combine poppier punk music with darker, horror style imagery. Their imagery alone takes me straight to a Halloween feel every time.

My Chemical Romance – “Thank You for the Venom”
One of the little bit heavier hitting tracks from Three Cheers, I got into them around Halloween when i was a freshman in high school. I got a burnt copy from a friend, drew all over it, and walked around school listening to this track a lot through that period.

Beloved – “Into Your Arms”
This song just sounds like fall to me and fall may as well just be Halloween. I’m not sure why, but I remember playing this song all the time in my room, riding bikes in my driveway with it being sunny outside and not quite chilly but the leaves are piling up in the yard.

Set Your Goals – “Mutiny!”
I discovered Set Your Goals in high school. It was fall, around Halloween, and i had gotten a Mutiny! hoodie from a friend that I wore religiously, that paired with the “Mutiny!” music video where they dress up like land pirates and remembering specifically wearing that hoodie to explore some urban legend haunted spots around home definitely reminds me of Halloween.

Goalkeeper – “Nothing At All”
This is the newest track from some of our good friends in Philly. As we approach Halloween this year, I’ve been jamming this alot lately and I’m sure when i hear it in the future it will take me back to fall times and Halloween.

Mac Miller – “Life Ain’t Easy”
I used to work at a shop installing leather interior in cars. I worked beside a friend who got me into Mac Miller around fall/Halloween a few years ago. This song always stuck with me as an inspiration to keep pushing through hard times and reminds me of cold falls and needing to shut the bay doors so we could feel our hands.

Handguns – “Porch Light”
This is a song I would frequently listen to and I think i discovered it around Halloween, it reminds me of my old job mowing on a farm and feeling the cold air burn my hands and face as I mowed in the early mornings.

Modern Baseball – “Your Graduation”
I don’t remember when I discovered MoBo but the lonely halloween party footage from the music video is the only image I see in my head when I hear this song.

Playlist: Pros and iCons Share Biggest Inspirations

Pros and iCons

Pros and iCons released their debut album, iConic, last year. The band has a wide variety of influences and they were kind enough to share those with us today. Check out the playlist and what they had to say about each song.

 Mötley Crüe — “Kickstart My Heart”

There’s an undeniable energy in all of Mötley Crüe’s music that greatly inspired iConic. Their anarchical style and explosive hits capture the anthemic poise we aim to express in our music and live performance. Plus, they’re just badass.

Linkin Park — “Breaking the Habit”

This is one of our favorite songs by one of our favorite artists. They infiltrated mainstream radio while aggressively combining pop, hip hop, and rock. Our band name Pros & iCons expresses an inherent duality to illustrate our genre-bending approach, which is similar to and inspired by Linkin Park.

Polyphia — “Light”

Pop melodies disguised as guitar leads? Polyphia exceeded our expectations of contemporary rock. Their tunes directly inspired what we had aimed to achieve on “Catch Me.”

The Weeknd — “Angel”

Whether by heartbreak or just damn good songwriting, we couldn’t escape this song for the months we were finalizing iConic. The Weeknd’s nearly somber musical disposition makes our little 2007 emo hearts feel at home. His songs are massive and emotional, much like ours, and “Angel” greatly influenced our track “Fallen.”

Lady Gaga — “Marry the Night”

Gaga is one of Joey Dean’s (vocals) biggest inspirations. Her vocal approach, translating her classical training into her pop/rock ‘n’ roll hybrid, is much like Dean’s. Her Born This Way era certainly bit from the 80s, much like iConic, and this massive hit has inspired us sonically, thematically, and visually.

Drake — “Hype”

When we were writing iConic, Drake dropped “Views” and we couldn’t stop streaming this ish. Much like The Weeknd, Drake’s emotive lyrics and production make us feel some type of way and we love it. We had to choose “Hype”—everyone gets hype at every Pros & iCons live show.

Bring Me The Horizon — “Drown”

Much like Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon seamlessly blended together genres into a style original to their name. Particularly, their orchestral influence fits well with cinematic and video game-inspired tracks we have and have yet to release. “Drown” is one of our favorites off That’s The Spirit.

Elton John & George Michael — “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”

Between their style, vocal approach, and stories, these two LGBTQ icons are huge inspirations for Joey Dean. They both evoked something provocative in their approach, while maintaining a richness to their singing. And, well, Elton John wrote for The Lion King. How could we not include him?

Sylar — “Soul Addiction”

Sylar is a fellow NYC native, hailing from Queens, the stomping grounds of our own Niko Vaude (guitar), and so we’ve been watching their journey for a while. Their record Help! proved we weren’t the only crazy kids on the underground NYC scene progressively blending together genres. “Soul Addiction” became a Van’s Warped Tour anthem we couldn’t stop listening to.

Thirty Seconds to Mars — “Kings and Queens”

It’s hard to articulate with Thirty Seconds to Mars. Their music just has this feeling. It fires us up from the inside and inspires. We grew up listening to them and have felt an irresistible connection to A Beautiful Lie and This Is War. “Kings and Queens” is just that song.

Playlist: Fatherson Share Their Influences


Fatherson recently released Sum Of All Your Parts and they took some time to share their influences with us. They wrote a bit about each selection and you can listen to the playlist on Spotify.

Sigur Ros – Heysatan

That Takk album by Sigur Ros is hands down one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. I go back to this song religiously, I guess it’s because I have no idea what he’s saying so I make it up for myself.

Death Cab For Cutie – Brothers on a Hotel Bed

Our collective favourite song of all time. Possibly even our collective favourite band. Lyrically Ben Gibbard always puts the most eloquent twist on heartbreaking situations. This song is about losing love over a long period of time, which is something that I guess most people are afraid of.

Manchester Orchestra – Everything to Nothing

Loud, heavy, heartbreaking and honest is pretty much how I’d describe everything that Manchester Orchestra do. We’ve been inspired by them since hearing wolves at night on MySpace. I would maybe say this was my favourite song of theirs. The way they throw about the 1 at the end yet make it super approachable is just cool and it was amazing to discover that other bands did that too.

Phoenix – Lasso

The intro to this song is so cool, if you watch on YouTube the dude is playing two parts at once. They are also so amazing live, proper gentlemen of the stage with super groovy tunes. Plus the drummer looks like he’s going so fast he might take off at some point 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

The 1975 – The Sound

This band definitely inspired a bit of confidence in us when we were writing this new album. They just say and do what they want and their artwork and statement is always so cool. Very big fans of their live show too, they are definitely the most innovative band to come out of the UK in the last decade in my opinion.

Bon Iver – 33 “GOD”

Definitely the most inspiring artist/song/library of musical masterpieces on this list for me, for sure. This song blew me away when if first heard it, not only is there a Paolo Nutini sample in it but there’s also an incredibly beautiful song underneath the melee of production.

Noname – All I Need

I had Telefone on repeat for about a year, Noname writes poetry. I was so engaged from the get go, one night whilst trawling through tiny desk sessions, her one appeared and that was it. This song is my favourite on that album but if you haven’t heard it yet do yourself a favor and get lost in it for a few days!

Paramore – Last Hope

Saw them in Wembley Arena in London in front of about 20,000 people and they made it feel like a club show! This song is the epitome of a modern rock ballad with an amazing melody and her incredible voice on top of it!

Radiohead – No Surprises

The kings of tone and song structure really. You can’t help but be in awe of them, they’ve been moving the goalposts forever and always better themselves. I listened to Ok Computer a lot over the last couple of years alongside the bends. This song though has the most amazing sounding guitar melody I think I’ve ever heard.

Idlewild – Little Discourage

We toured with Idlewild on their 10 year anniversary of 100 Broken Windows after being massive fans since we were kids. It’s such a raw and messy album but it has so much energy in it. Little Discourage made the place go off every night and it was so inspiring to watch it have the same visceral potency 10 years after it came out. It just shows you that great songs last the test of time.

Snow Patrol – How to be Dead

The opening song to one of the best albums of all time. And that just has to be a fact, it’s a super cool sounding album from some guys from Northern Ireland. I was about 11 when it came out and bought it at Asda and went straight to Greg’s to listen to it, which we’ve done with every album they’ve released since. Incredible band and this song is so cool.

Playlist: Sam Hale Shares Artists He Loves

Sam Hale
Photo credit: Jenna Doolittle

Sam Hale is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter who had been hard at work on some new music. He’ll be releasing Somewhere Between Love & War on October 12th. Sam kindly put together a playlist of some of the artists he loves and wrote a little about each selection. Check it out!

David Ramirez – “Watching from a Distance”
David Ramirez is electrifying. I heard this album and it inspired me to reach out to his producer, Sam Kassirer. That is how Somewhere Between Love & War was born.

Wye Oak – “Before”
Wye Oak is an interesting discovery I made last year. They are two multi-instrumentalists that create a rich and colorful blend of sounds accompanied by thoughtful and honest lyrics. You’ll have to check them out!

Cigarettes After Sex – “K.”
Cigarettes After Sex put out a pretty awesome album, especially the song “K”. Their music has a dreamy undertone with seductive vocals that don’t sway too much from the pocket, leaving you in a state of infinite trance.

Kevin Morby – “Harlem River”
Kevin Morby’s repetitive guitar lick in “Harlem River” influenced me a bit when creating “Supernatural”. The song starts off giving you a Gotye feel, but once the song picks up it becomes super spacey and psychedelic. I appreciate a long song when it’s done correctly. They achieved it in this one.

Chromatics – “Into The Black”
I love the Chromatics recreation of Neil Young’s “My My, Hey, Hey”. It’s almost as if her voice was made for this song. This song opened me up to hear their whole catalogue.

The War on Drugs – “Pain”
It took me a while to actually start listening to The War on Drugs. I had heard of them and friends told me to check them out. It’s no mystery they are an amazing band, but they have definitely influenced me. The song “Pain” is one of my favorites.

Nick Hakim – “Green Twins”
Nick Hakim put out a super soulful album called Green Twins. The title track “Green Twins” is one of my favorites. The song has a subtle distorted effect that makes it feel like an old vinyl. His performance is amazing and I love the production on this number.

The Cinematic Orchestra – “To Build A Home”
I heard the song “To Build A Home” a while back on the independent station KCRW in Los Angeles while driving home from a friend’s house. I instantly fell in love. It’s such a beautifully played song that gives you chills right when the singer hits the falsetto vocals in the chorus.

Slowdive – “Start Roving”
The band Slowdive has been around for a while, but they recently put out an album called Slowdive after 21 years of not releasing any music. All the songs on the album are amazing, but the one that stood out to me is called “Star Roving”. It has this industrial, 80’s pop quality to it that I just love.

Playlist: The Demos Share Artists You Should Listen To

The Demos have a new EP out today. If Only You Knew blends synths and guitars for a heavy dose of power pop. Today, they’re also sharing a playlist of artists that they think everyone should be listening to.

Everyone in the band has a pretty eclectic taste, but one thing we love doing (especially on the road) is making up playlists of songs we’ve been digging at the moment. This playlist is exactly like one we’d make in the van. Its full of songs we can’t get out of our heads, the latest from some of our good friends, and songs that have significant meaning to us right now.

Twin Peaks – “Tossing Tears”

I (Jay) have been a huge fan of Twin Peaks for the past few years. They are an amazing rock band that I feel like could have existed in almost any decade. Their songs are instantly catchy and I find myself humming the “na nas” at the end of this song WAY to often. Every hook in this one is etched in my brain!

Jukebox The Ghost – “Fred Astaire”

We met the guys in Jukebox The Ghost way back in 2010 and instantly hit it off. We even did a short tour with them in 2012. This is one our favorite tracks on their latest release. We find ourselves turning this one up in the van as we drive through crowded parking lots. We are excited to be playing a few more dates with Jukebox The Ghost in September so we can finally sing along in person with Ben’s ridiculously good voice.

Maybird – “Keep In Line”

Maybird is our man-crush-Monday forever. We’ve been HUGE fans of Josh Netsky’s songwriting since we all met at the tender age of 17. This song, produced by The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, features AMAZING guitar hooks by Kurt Johnson and Overhand Sam Snyder that will get stuck in your head for days and you will find yourselves singing along.

Alexandra Savior – “Shades”

Caela was the first to discover Alexandra Savior and her record Belladonna of Sadness quickly found itself on heavy rotation on our turntable. It’s got such an awesome noir vibe with modern production. You can really hear Alex Turner’s influence. It’s a great late night jam. Really good to throw on in your car driving home at 3am or smoking a cigarette outside in the rain. In an altered state it may inspire one’s life to spin off into another reality, reminiscent of a Quinton Tarantino film.

The Cribs – “Lights Went Out”

The Cribs have always been one of our favorites. We recently revisited their self-titled record (on which this song appears) and instantly fell back in love with it. Nothing like feeling like its 2004 again! Good times.

Joywave – “Blastoffff”

Dan, the frontman of Joywave, produced our latest EP If You Only Knew and we recently went on tour with them this summer. They dropped this single right before we left for tour and it was a staple of their live set on the run. Only a few dates into the tour I (Jay) asked Dan, “Could you stop writing songs as catchy as “Blastoffff? Because I’m sick of hearing people whistle it in the van for 8 hours straight.” He responded plainly, “No.”

Michael Jackson – “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Brian Malouf mixed our new EP and he was also a recording engineer on Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” Learning this had us throwing on songs by Michael left and right. There’s a reason he’s the king of pop. Just TRY not to dance. I dare you. “The Way You Make Me Feel” has always been one of our favorites of his. SIDE NOTE: While on tour in Des Moines I managed to find an actual Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker arcade game in a “barcade” next to the venue. Moonwalker was my FAVORITE game to play at Chuck E Cheese as a child and I have not seen a functioning version of the game since. Perhaps too much time and money was spent.

ELO – “Secret Messages”

On one of our long drives on the last tour we were searching for something interesting to listen to and this track popped up in someone’s “New Release Radar” on Spotify. So, naturally, we thought it was a BRAND NEW ELO track that just came out. A few minutes into the track we were blown away. It sounded like it could have easily have been made today or 30 years ago. That’s when Cal yelled from the back of the van, “this actually came out in 1983!” Turns out the record was being reissued available for the first time as originally conceived by Jeff Lynn as a double album. Really speaks to the timelessness of Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra. We listened to a LOT of ELO that day.

Hawker M. James – “Falling Out”

Mike James is one of the most prolific songwriters we know and every single track is amazing. This latest single is extra special to us as Jay had the pleasure of directing, shooting and editing a video for it on the desolate streets of our hometown, Rochester, New York. You know a song is good when you can spend HOURS editing a video to it and still find yourself humming it as you walk around!

Bob Dylan – “Highway 61 Revisited”

While we were on tour this summer, on the day of the blood moon total lunar eclipse we found ourselves driving on Highway 61, the Avenue of the Saints. The song came on in the van and we all freaked out. Afterwards we got out, and took pictures next to the road sign. What a special moment for us.

Playlist: Dakota Mill Shares His Influences

Dakota Mill

Dakota Mill released a new EP, Ages, on July 2. The EP consists of five songs and I highly recommend checking it out. If folk rock and indie rock are up your alley, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t listen to this. The singer-songwriter wanted to share his influences with us and put together a fun playlist. Be sure to give it a listen.

Playlist: Rome Hero Foxes Share Influential Songs

Rome Hero Foxes
Photo credit: Natasha Bermudez

Rome Hero Foxes put together a list of songs that have influenced them over the years. Check out the playlist and what they have to say about each song.

Adrian’s picks:

The Pillows – “I Think I Can”

This song speaks “play the music you want to play; just have fun” to me. We took that ideology to the max when writing 18 Summers. The kind of carelessness and enjoyment on this song for sure rubbed off on me when writing and recording this record.

Circa Survive – “Lustration”

I absolutely love the drumming pattern in this song. Circa Survive is my favorite band of all time, so of course I had to include a song from them. When this song was released it was on repeat for months. Some parts feel like they shouldn’t make sense but they do. I love listening to music like that.

The Strokes – “Machu Picchu”

When we started writing this record, asked Cj what kind of music should I be listening to and he pointed me to Angles by The Strokes. I’m so glad he showed me this album. I think it’s one of the most perfect indie pop songs and I really wanted to apply that kind of vibe on this album.

CJ’s picks:

Radiohead – “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”

I stand by this as my top favorite song of all time. It was the first time a song made me feel completely other-wordly and out of my own mind with its wave like structure and hypnotizing melodies and landscapes. Every time I listen to this there’s something new I pick up on, there’s just so many layers to get lost in.

The Beach Boys – “Surfer Girl”

This song is very special to me because it’s something I grew up listening to from my childhood all the way into my teens. It became a literal part of my mind, rubbing off on me enough to become a prominent influence for my song writing later on. All in all, this song is just an undeniable classic.

Funeral Party – “Where Did It Go Wrong”

I found out about this band one year at Warped Tour. I went to go get a snow cone while  waiting for another band I knew to watch, and they were playing this song right behind me which instantly caught my attention. This song became an anthem for me through high school and ultimately served as a break-through for my song-writing. There’s many different influences and things that make RHF what it is, but this song introduced me to a style that is now embedded within me.

Chuck “Spyder” Hogan’s picks:

Mew – “Beach”

The synths in this song and the way they play off of the melodies ang guitar lines really inspired me and kinda showed me a way to write synth lines that i hadn’t tried before. This song (especially the bridge) was the main inspiration behind most of my synth work on the album.

The 1975 – “She’s American”

The chorus of this song gave me some great ideas for twinkly keyboard parts that you can hear in the end of Good For You and in the chorus of San Junipero. I’ve been listening to the 1975 since their first album and this album heavily inspired me to be more creative and try new sounds with keyboards, especially since 18 Summers was the first music i’ve helped write as a keyboard player.

Two Door Cinema Club – “Do You Want It All?”

Two Door Cinema Club has been one of my favorite bands since their first record ‘Tourist History’ and when CJ showed me the demo for Seattle Queen I remembered the chorus of this song having nice swelling synth pads that filled the sonic space that the guitars weren’t using. I went back and listened to this song before writing the synth pad section at the end of Seattle Queen and it came out exactly as I imagined it.

Emilio’s picks:

Queens of the Stone Age – “I Appear Missing”

What a huge inspiration to me, this one is. It’s composed so intricately and delivered so smoothly, managing to stay interesting throughout its entire six minute duration. The bass lines are simple when they need to be, which makes the moments where they strike that much more powerful. I really appreciate the way this song feels like a standalone story through the music alone; it’s electrifying, and makes me want to pick up a bass every time I listen to it.

Sufjan Stevens – “Fourth of July”

This song and I have a very particular relationship. Anybody who’s listened to it is already familiar with how melancholy it is. Sufjan Stevens paints such a vivid picture of lament and futility while surrounding me with a deeply beautiful sonic landscape. There’s never been another song that makes me feel the way Fourth of July does. It’s so depressing, but ultimately inspiring and breathes new life into me every time I listen to it. I hope that I, too, can invoke a similar feeling to audiences through music one day.

Sturgill Simpson – “Welcome to Earth (Pollywog)”

I found this song during a strange country kick I was having around the time it was released. Before listening to it, I never would have expected to call it one of my favorite songs. The second half of the song has bass line so groovy that it makes me want to get up and dance every time. It’s simple, but so beautiful and effective. This song helped me realize that good music isn’t necessarily about how technically-able you are as a musician. In a lot of ways (to me), it’s about discipline, and not overdoing it.   

Michael’s picks:

The 1975 – “Sex”

This song is the epitome of why I love indie pop music. It’s such a simple, fun song even though the lyrics are scandalous and dark. Instrumentally it has a vibe that I would love to incorporate into our own music. It also has phenomenal production and one of the best snare’s I’ve ever heard.

John Frusciante – “Song To Sing When I’m Lonely”

This song is incredibly nostalgic to me. It was hard to choose because this is one of my favorite records ever, full of so many great tracks but this one in particular has all the elements that I love in a song. The song writing is so simple, but I love the structure that he uses, along with some of my favorite vocal harmonies I’ve ever heard. The vibe is kind of melancholy but upbeat at the same time. He has such a unique style that I haven’t found in other artists and I’d highly recommend diving into his discography.

Foo Fighters – “Everlong”

This song is a no brainer for me and I feel like everyone else in the band would agree, even if it didn’t make their list. It’s so inspiring from a songwriting perspective and will be a classic forever. Combining such a simple structure, a great rhythm and riff with in my opinion one of the best choruses of all time just shows that you don’t need to make your music complex for it to be good. Sometimes simple is better and that shows here.