Playlist: Kailynn of Tiny Stills Shares Favorite LA Artists

Tiny Stills
Photo credit: Joe Lemke

Tiny Stills will be releasing Laughing Into the Void on June 1st. Ahead of it’s release, Kailynn put together a playlist of her favorite fellow LA artists. You can read all about her picks and listen to the playlist below.

Modern Huge – “My Feelings for You are Complicated”
Charo Molina of Modern Huge is one of my absolute favorite humans in LA. We’ve been through hell and back together and she did me the honor of letting me produce, engineer and mix this track for her (as well as sing on some of it.) So I may be a little biased but I truly admire her songwriting and performing and have been a huge fan of hers from literal day one. Modern Huge is a gem in LA, and has more music on the way in 2018.

Blushh – “There for You
Shab is awesome and super active in music community in LA and is really supportive, kind, creative and inspiring. I also love this track so hard because I’m a huge fan of great hooks and I could listen to this song on repeat all days. This gets stuck in my head a lot, and has a great chorus you can flail around to.

Pacific Radio – “Katie”
I really enjoy songs that I can daydream to while you’re driving, and this one is the perfect one to listen to on a road trip while you’re watching the world pass you by outside.

The Gutter Daisies – “La La La, Blah Blah Blah
Ok these guys and I can for sure bond over our love of early 00’s pop/rock and def Green Day. They remind me of everything I loved about American Hi-Fi too, and I think they’re incredibly charming.

Jenn Champion – “O.M.G. (I’m All Over It”)
I love this song because I love 80’s electronic slow pop vibes and her vocal performance in this song. I’m also a big fan of a clap with a big reverb, and this gives me great new Tegan and Sara vibes. If you like a catchy electro-indie pop then look no further.

Janelane – “Killing Time”
I’m a fan of dreamy indie pop and Jane Lane nails it. Chill, dreamy, sparkly, lo fi, and great rhythms in those melodies. I love this song.

Mourners – “Masochist”
I like Mourners and this song in particular because of it’s old school Weezer vibes. Mourners should be an LA fave if you’re into solid rock jams!

Sleeplust -“Sedona”
Sleeplust makes super catchy Electro indie-pop. Its total ear candy, so if you love slick productions and groovy melodies, you should definitely check out Sleeplust.

Dresage – “Center”
This is the project of my former bandmate Keeley Bumford and is super cool electronic indie-pop but definitely has some jazz elements mixed in. This song in particular is a beautiful mix of textures and floating melodies.

Luna Shadows -“Waves”
I firmly believe Luna Shadows is the electro pop goddess that LA needs but doesn’t deserve. She’s got great choruses, and theres no hiding mediocre songwriting with cool sounds- these are actual great songs with great electronic production. She’s a producer as well as a songwriter, so I think Luna Shadows is an artist that can attack on all fronts.

Emma Cole – “High Times”
If I had to compare Emma to another artist, I’d most closely say it’s Amy Winehouse. Emma really bares her soul in her music and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

The Manx – “Blood Gold”
The Manx are a punk folk band and they’re kind of creative geniuses. These guys are almost always half naked, covered in paint, and doing something super cool to compliment their energetic, chaotic punk folk renaissance.

Yellowbirddd – “Who is Your Lover”
I’m a fan of sad emo acoustic rock and I feel like Liam of Yellowbirddd is such a great emotive songwriter. “Low Shoulder” is also another one of my favorites.

Lucy & La Mer – “Rebel Babe”
Lucy and I met playing some shows together and I’ve admired her from afar for a while, and her new single “Rebel Babe” has an edgier take on indie pop/rock.

Lauren Ruth Ward – “Make Love to Myself”
Lauren Ruth Ward is Mick Jagger. If you’ve seen Lauren Ruth Ward live, you know what I’m talking about. She’s a powerful front person and a force to be reckoned with. This song is also my favorite one I’ve seen them do.

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Interview: The Molice discuss their influences and touring in the U.S.

The Molice

The Molice hail from Japan and have been touring in the U.S. lately. We had a chance to ask them some questions about their music, how the scene differs here and in Japan, and more. Check it out!

When the band first started, did you know exactly what you wanted your sound to be like?

Rinko: Of course, I always know what I want. But it also happen to get unexpected sound and song in the band. I really like the moment. And in addition, I only know what I want.

Yuzuru: It is not exactly, but what I wanted to do was very clear. It still does not change.

Paro: No… but I always believe my feelings. So I know I can always get what I want as long as I am honest with my feelings.

What led to the blend of 70s, 80s, and 90s influences?

Rinko: I can say for sure is that I really love a lot of 70s, 80s, and 90s music.  Actually I’m not sure what is happened in my brain. I don’t have how to. But I really feel to connecting to SPACE when I make songs.

Yuzuru: I think rhythm does not get old. Rinko is an excellent rhythm guitarist. Although, there is a fashionable beat by the era, I think that fundamental groove will not change in any era.Our music is based on it. In my head, all kinds of favorite music of every era are packed. Classical, Jazz, rock, hip hop and electro music. I express such a lot of love for music in the music of THE MOLICE through my guitar.

The band is still fairly new to touring in the U.S., so what has that been like?

Rinko: We have a really wonderful touring. I am very happy to be able to know that our music can make audience enjoyable in U.S.!

Yuzuru: I am very excited to receive a lot of stimulation. I feel that the audience has taken our music.

Paro: I feel people has a big heart in U.S. They can accept all kinds of values

How would you say the music scene in the U.S. varies from Japan?

Yuzuru: There are a lot of things I think, and as I start talking, I’ll need many pages!  Both USA and Japan have major and indies, I think it is the same that there are artists of various genres such as rock, hip hop, and  electronica in USA and Japan. I think the music scene is what the audience will make it. The American audience is very natural and clearly enjoy music. And it is very energetic. Such an audience is making up the American scenes. That’s the biggest difference.

What was it like recording “Round Round Round” in Buffalo, NY?

Rinko: We made it with the same team at GCR studio in Buffalo from 2015. It was very smooth recording. I was relaxed at the studio, so I could let my mind have many ideas. Keyboard phase of ‘Round Round Round’ is good example.

Yuzuru: It was wonderful. I was able to make the sounds as they imagined.

Paro: I am hung up on beating four beat like marching through Earth. It fits with the music video, too. And I was easy to record it in Buffalo, NY!

What’s next for the band after you wrap up your current tour?

Rinko: We are always interested in making new sound. It is our core part.

Yuzuru: To create new music. To prepare for the next tour. And I want to find new creative things.

Paro: We keep on trying to do what we want to do. Anytime!

Thanks for your time! Where can our readers keep up with the band?

THE MOLICE:  Please check out the band’s website, instruments, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel and more.

New Music Friday: Bohnes, Queen of Jeans, and More

New Music Friday

New Music Friday is here and we have some music that you should definitely check out.

Ashley McBryde – Girl Going Nowhere

Bohnes – 206: Act I

Deadmau5 – where’s the drop?

Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour

Kate Nash – Yesterday Was Forever

Mary Chapin Carpenter – Sometimes Just the Sky

Me Like Bees – Songs From The Realm

Queen of Jeans – Dig Yourself

Spanish Love Songs – Schmaltz

The Vaccines – Combat Sports