Monday Musings: Black Panther Reigns

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Marvel released Black Panther on February 16th and it’s seen a lot of well-deserved buzz. I was able to see it on Friday and it was a fantastic movie. Marvel hasn’t been perfect, but they’ve had a solid run since starting the MCU with Iron Man. Here are some articles to check out on Black Panther if you’ve seen the movie already.

Black Panther isn’t just politically conscious, but is also a fantastic pop culture artifact

This isn’t the first black-led superhero film, but it is perhaps the highest profile ever given to a film so celebratory of black American culture and its African roots, which in itself feels revelatory as a breath of creative fresh air in a genre commonly bemoaned as resting too much on comfortable laurels.

Leigh Monson reviewed the film for The Eagan Enterprise. This review is a quick read that points out how it hits on a pop culture level and what that means for the film.

Black Panther’s Right Thing

The truth is that they didn’t dare put the same kinds of handcuffs they did in the past on Coogler. They trusted him largely because they had to trust him. The optics of doing the alternative were too risky. And that was terrifying to them, but they still gave up control and were prepared to take the loss, never expecting in a million years that this film would be the mega-success they’re seeing now (hopefully Hollywood is finally picking up how their modern audience actually works).

Film Crit Hulk is always worth reading.  This one is definitely more of a long read, but it’s as entertaining and insightful as you’d expect it to be.

‘Black Panther’ Is Marvel’s First Genuine Masterpiece

I’m trying to imagine being Ryan Coogler, the movie’s 31-year-old superstar director, at the start of this project, tasked with a job as monumental as this, burdened by a keen sense of the inherent inability to please everyone, and still having to make the movie.

Writing for The Ringer, K. Austin Collins has a nice article on the film. He discusses how you can love something, but have complicated feelings about it at the same time.

If you’re reading this and haven’t seen Black Panther yet, go do that. It’s worth your time.

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Monday Musings: Spider-Man and Jessica Jones

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I just have a couple things for today. I posted both of the trailers on the site’s socials over the weekend, but I wanted to get a few thoughts down on each. Check out the trailers for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Jessica Jones season two.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse trailer

Even though it’s just an animated film, I’m excited about Miles Morales being the lead. Sure, they imply there are other Spidey friends in the world, but I’m fine with that since it opens the door for us to see some other great characters like Spider-Gwen. We still have about a year before it’s out, but I think it’ll be worth the wait.

Jessica Jones season two trailer

What is there to say about Jessica Jones? She’s wonderful. One thing I really love about this trailer is that it doesn’t give away who the villain is at all. It’s all about Jessica and what she’s capable of. She also quotes Spider-Man’s “with great power comes great responsibility,” but isn’t a huge fan of the saying. I’m ready for this, so is it March 2018 yet?

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Monday Musings: Star Wars, Black Panther, NBA

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Photo Credit: Ian Baldwin

Monday Musings returns with some Star Wars talk, the Black Panther trailer, and plenty of NBA with the season starting this week.

Davi Filoni Discusses the Final Season of Star Wars Rebels

As the show weaves through its final episodes, fans will find the installments feed into each other more than in previous seasons. “I’ve been able to build a lot better connections and motivations across all the episodes as we go. It is very unlike other seasons, because while the episodes are self contained, they are very next to each other in progression,” Filoni said, “They affect each other more; it’s more serialized than you’re used to.”

Today marks the start of the final season of Star Wars Rebels and this is a good interview with Dave Filoni on the show ending. I’m sad it’s going to be over soon, but it’s had a solid run.

Black Panther Trailer

Black Panther released an official trailer today and I’m so thrilled that this movie is happening. Now please excuse me while I do a deep dive into all of the Black Panther comics before this movie comes out.

The Ringer’s NBA Preview

The Ringer has a huge NBA preview going on just ahead of the start of the season. They even have what they’re calling Previewpalooza. They’ll be putting up videos for the conferences and have a full schedule planned. It’s a good way to get ready for the season.

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