tvOS Apps Can Now Be Purchased on iOS Devices and Macs

From MacStories:

Today, Apple added tvOS apps to its iTunes Link Maker web app and enabled tvOS app purchases on iOS devices, even if the tvOS app is available only on the Apple TV. iTunes Link Maker lets you search for and generate links to iTunes content. tvOS app links generated by the iTunes Link Maker open in iTunes on macOS and the App Store app on iOS where the apps can be purchased or downloaded. If automatic downloads are enabled on your Apple TV, any apps acquired this way should show up on your Apple TV the next time you turn it on. Links generated with the iTunes Link Maker also work with the iTunes Affiliate Linking program. This means that for the first time a customer can click or tap a link and purchase a tvOS app without leaving their Mac or iOS device and have it waiting for them they sit down in front of the TV.

This is a nice little move on Apple’s part.

I Made You a Mixtape

If you read anything today, it should be Federico Viticci’s article about mixtapes and discovering new music over at MacStories:

I’ve been jumping between different music streaming services for a few years now. Spotify keeps getting more popular and there’s a rumor that Apple is also working on a streaming service, but I use Rdio now. Rdio looks great: the company’s designers care about music, and the service is full of details and smaller features that make streaming songs enjoyable. I like that I can view my History so I can see what I’ve been into lately. It seems like I listen to Oasis when I’m resting at home and 2Pac when I’m doing chemo at the hospital. That’s an odd pattern.

My favorite aspect of Rdio is the focus on people. Not only can I discover playlists by other users with a beautiful interface – I can also see what’s trending among my friends and what they’ve been listening to. I subscribe to a few playlists and I regularly discover new artists thanks to people I follow. It doesn’t feel like Luca’s mixtapes (remember those CDs? Things are so much better now), but it’s nice.

I used to care about owning albums. I sometimes miss that sense of music ownership, and I wonder if Rdio’s going to be around forever. I like this service because they seem to know what they’re doing.