Review: Lost In Society – “Kid” + “True”

Lost In Society Flexi

Lost In Society recently released a 7” flexi with two new songs on them. Luckily, the songs are also available digitally for your listening pleasure. The two songs are similar in tone, but quite different in the fact that “Kid” runs almost four minutes while “True” runs just 34 seconds. All the band is asking for is less than five minutes of your time and you should absolutely give it to them. I don’t listen to too many new punk bands. I got into the Menzingers, and I love them. Then, I saw Lost In Society live at Programme Skate & Sound in Fullerton, CA and wanted more bands like them. I’m sure if I look hard enough, I can find some more. But Lost In Society have a rawness to their sound that I love.

“Kid” is able to send a longer message due to it being a longer song. It’s not a two minute banger that we often see in punk, but it’s still a jam. The chorus is one you can sing along to after a single listen of the song. “True” sends a powerful message still, even with its brevity. It’s cool to see a band just release something like this. They had two songs ready and they gave them to us. Give them a listen and you’ll see what I mean by the rawness of this band. They’re a refreshing sound when you tend to spend your time listening to a lot more polished and radio-ready music.

Review: Lost In Society – ‘Modern Illusions’

Lost In Society will be releasing Modern Illusions on Friday, February 26th. The New Jersey punks have been highly impressive with their new album. I had never heard of the band previous, but there’s no doubt I’ll be checking out their previous material after what I’ve heard. Modern Illusions reminded me of blend between Bad Religion (who the band has performed with) and Social Distortion. The band did work with a punk veteran, Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls, so that could play a part in it. While this is no question punk music, the vocals feel a lot cleaner than a lot of bands seem to prefer. You can clearly understand every word said and you don’t have to guess on what any of the lyrics are.

Let’s move on to a few songs that I particularly enjoyed. “Not Afraid” felt like something that should be in an extreme sports game. Once you give it a listen, I’m confident you’ll understand exactly what I mean. The band’s DIY attitude comes through in the song, as it does throughout the album as a whole. “Talk” was a song in particular that I found to be extremely catchy. This may be a great choice to start with if you don’t want to dive into the whole album right away. Feeling like a blast from the past, “City,” instantly reminded me of “Los Angeles Is Burning.” If these songs don’t convince you to give the full album a listen, then maybe punk music just isn’t the thing for you. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a punk album like this and I believe this is one I’ll be playing for quite some time.