Review: Hurry Tackles Life on Every Little Thought

Hurry is the project of Matthew Scottoline, Rob DeCarolis, and Joe DeCarolis. It initially stemmed from Scottoline’s solo work and has morphed into something new. Every Little Thought comes after 2016’s Guided Meditation and a three song EP, Casual Feelings. Put simply, Every Little Thought is an album about life. However, is anything ever really that simple?

The album’s title track kicks off the good vibes while still being contemplative. There’s a day-to-day struggle that’s very clear in these songs. From the first song to the last one, Hurry doesn’t pull any punches on letting you know how they feel. “Time and Time Again” is a song that focuses on forgetting things and doing so fairly often. Our memory is a funny thing and often I find myself wondering why I forget certain things and hold on to things I would much rather forget.

Despite having some heavy subject matter, Every Little Thought is an upbeat album. It’s a refreshing change of pace from sad, heavy songs feeling the need to sound that way. Sometimes albums like that are so hard to play on repeat, but that’s not the case here.

Hurry is a pleasing band to listen to and this is an album that deserves to stay on repeat for at least a few spins. With each listen, I enjoyed the album more and more. You really get a feel for the relationships mentioned throughout and it makes you feel like you’ve known this band for quite some time, even if you really haven’t.

Every Little Thought came out on February 23, 2018 via Lame-O Records. I recently wrote about the label’s rise within the Philly music scene and this is just another wonderful band you can list on their roster. If you want a copy of the album, it’s available in physical and digital formats.

Review: Hurry – ‘Guided Meditation’

Hurry is yet another band out of Philadelphia that I enjoy. There seems to be a lot of these bands lately. But that’s besides the point here so let’s jump right into the review. Guided Meditation gives you a heavy dose of guitars with “Nothing To Say” as the opener. The vocals are soothing and catchy. “When I’m With You” gave off a Beach Boys vibe with the vocal harmony and steady drum beat. This song ended up being one of my favorites on the record, but the album what good as a whole. It made me a little bummed that the album only had nine tracks, but the lack of fluff songs is always a plus. I could go on and on, but I want to keep this short because there isn’t a whole lot else to say other than that the songwriting is great, the songs are catchy, and it’s an album I’ll be playing over and over. I highly recommend you all go listen to it now.

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