Review: From Indian Lakes – ‘Everything Feels Better Now’

fromindianlakes-efbnFrom Indian Lakes have just released Everything Feels Better Now. It’s not their first release of the year, since they released an EP with a few new songs earlier this year, but it’s the full-length follow up to Absent Sounds. It’s a good band to listen to when you just want to get to work and focus. Their music isn’t overly distracting and it has a calmness to it even when it’s upbeat.

Everything Feels Better Now starts off with “Happy Machines” and admittedly, this song didn’t grab me at first. It felt a bit too repetitive. “The Monster” is the song that did it for me, though. This song was one of the single off of the album, and it was a fantastic choice. With this being the band’s fourth full-length, they’ve honed their sound and have it down to a science practically. Some may think that’s a bad thing, but the consistency of this band is enjoyable.

Throughout the album, the drums are nice and crisp, which emphasizes that strong beat behind the airy vocals. From Indian Lakes has a way with blending genres together to give us something pleasing to listen to. “The Monster” and “Feel Love” lean more towards pop song structure. “Blank Tapes” fills the song with battling guitars. Within each song, they add something a little different while keeping the album consistent as a whole. It’s impressive to say the least.

“Nome” comes out with a more dreamy tone to it. The way the music and the vocals blend give it that feel. It’s also worth noting that while the album is a typical 12 songs, it comes in at nearly 50 minutes. It may be a tad longer than you’re used to, but all of it is worth your time.

A few songs later, the album closes out with “Rid Of It.” The song makes for a smooth closer and sums up the record well. It’s hard to ask for much more from the band on this release. It’s a solid, consistent output and fans will definitely be into this album. If you’re interested, you can grab a copy of Everything Feels Better Now here.