Review: Broken Beak – ‘Some Nerve’

bbsomenerveBroken Beak’s Some Nerve is the latest release from Near Mint. It’s tempting to want to call it a side project of Brendan Lukens, known for being part of Modern Baseball, but it really never felt like a side project to me. Jake Ewald, also of Modern Baseball, produced this album and you can really feel that these two guys put as much effort and care into this as they do with Modern Baseball.

Some Nerve is happily a genre-bending album. You can’t pinpoint it to one thing, and you can see just with the varying length of songs that you’ll be getting something you don’t expect. For me, that song was “Stable.” Vocalist Beau Byrnes really took me back to the punk scene of the 70’s and 80’s with this. As we’ve seen with bands like The Clash, you don’t need to just play power chords to be considered punk; you can toss in some blues and reggae influences to make it work. I felt “Stable” really put an emphasis on how flexible this band can be with their sound, and the second I heard Beau’s vocals, I knew it would end up being a song I really enjoyed.

“Saint” was an excellent choice as one of the singles. Don’t let the upbeat, hopeful instruments fool you though, because the vocals are telling a different story. That can be said for the entire album. I love the contradiction there. One of the biggest feats of this album is that it manages to encompass different types of songs while keeping a solid flow and coherence. If you haven’t given this album a listen yet, you’re absolutely missing out on some talent. If you’d like to support the band and Near Mint, you can do so by grabbing a copy of the album here.