Monday Musings: Music and Comics

monday musings
Photo Credit: Ian Baldwin

Today’s Monday Musings features music and comics. I’ve recently read some comics I really enjoyed and there are a couple music-related things to check out.

Apple Bows Apple Music For Artists to Provide Acts With Deep Analytics Dive

The easily navigable dashboard’s home page provides artists with their current number of plays, spins, song purchases and album purchases. The user can specify the time period ranging from the past 24 hours to the 2015 launch of Apple Music.

I tried to get Elephant Jake access to their artist profile on Apple Music and wasn’t successful. It’ll be interesting to see if they roll this out to all artists or keep their focus on larger artists. There are plenty of smaller artists and labels who would love to have access to this data.

Justin Timberlake chats with Zane Lowe

Justin Timberlake talks about writing songs for Beyoncé and his son listening to “Filthy.” If you’re a fan, give this a listen. This is just the first part, but you can listen to the full interview here.

Batman and Son and Catwoman: Trail of the Catwoman

These are two comics that I recently read and really enjoyed. Batman and Son is the first trade of Grant Morrison’s run on Batman. Trail of the Catwoman is by Ed Brubaker with Darwyn Cooke on a good chunk of the art. If you like the Bat-family of characters at all, give these a read if you haven’t yet.

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7 Ways To Fix The Mess That Is Apple Music

Christina Warren at Mashable recently wrote about how to fix Apple Music:

Apple Music, the streaming service, should be its own app, and there should be a different standalone app for your downloaded tracks. The idea of having it all essentially live inside iTunes (especially on the desktop) makes sense insofar as Apple wants to put all your music in one place, but in practice, it can be daunting.

The quote above is from her first point, but personally this was the main reason I started using Apple Music. I don’t want to keep using two music apps. However, the piece is a great read and I do agree with a lot of her points. It would definitely be a good place for Apple to start improving the service.

Apple Introduces Apple Music


by Deanna Chapman

Apple has officially announced their new steaming service, Apple Music. The service will launch on June 30th with a three month trial period for all users. After the trial period, the subscription fee will be $9.99/month or $14.99/month for a family of up to six people. Personally, I will be looking forward to giving the service a try and hope that I can finally effectively have my iTunes collection and streaming service all in one. There will be plenty of new features to check out with this release, however, the real question is, will more people prefer this over the streaming service they currently use? 

You can find out more about the service by checking out the full press release over on Business Wire.