Monday Musings: Star Wars, Social Media, and Black Panther

monday musings

Monday Musings returns with some Star Wars talk, a podcast on social media, and the Black Panther trailer. Check it out below.

Cantina Talk: You Can Bet Carrie Fisher Would Love Episode IX

Star Wars: Episode IX director Colin Trevorrow is finally talking about his work on the Skywalker Saga, saying in a recent interview that “everybody’s engaged in making sure this is the most satisfying and emotionally resonant conclusion that we can possibly deliver.” Lucasfilm head honcho Kathleen Kennedy already revealed earlier this year that the story for Episode IX had to be changed following the death of Carrie Fisher, but according to Trevorrow “I can guarantee it will be handled with love and respect, and all of the soul that Carrie Fisher deserves.”

Wired does a feature titled “Cantina Talk” and there are some good tidbits in this edition of it. It’s well worth a read and will link you to even more Star Wars universe goodness.

The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media is Buffer’s podcast. I just discovered it today, actually, and listened to the latest episode with Paul Jarvis. I’m currently looking for ways to improve promoting my writing and podcasts on social media and this podcast feels like a good place to start.

Black Panther Trailer

After watching this trailer, I’m really looking forward to this movie. Black Panther impressed myself and many fans in Civil War and it’s definitely time for a solo movie for the character.

Interview: The Nightmare Police

The Nightmare Police

The Nightmare Police have a new album out this Friday. Check out our interview with them on the album, their future plans, and more.

When the band started in 2014, did you have any idea of where it would go?

None at all, we just wanted to write music that people could relate to and hope that we could exorcise some demons.

Losing The Light is out on June 9th. What was the writing process like for the EP? Who did you record it with?

The writing process was actually the best I’ve ever been a part of. The 3 of us just blend so well together when we write it’s almost an infinite flow of ideas. We wrote 12 songs for this EP and picked 5 to record. We recorded the drums with Brett Romnes and Frank Bones, the remainder was all done with Frank Bones.

How would you say the band has progresses since if only I could…?

We have become more personal and raw. This is us shouting out. Can you hear us?

What do you have planned after the EP is out? Going on tour?

Lots of local shows for now, we just did a short Northeast run  but expect us down the East Coast and the Midwest soon.

Are there plans to work on a full-length next?

Maybe, but you didn’t hear that from us!

Do any of you have hobbies outside of the band? And if so, what are they?

Jesus is a tattoo artist and does amazing work. Joe is a handy man, give him something and he’ll fix it or build it for you. I’m a gamer but a bad one, I should probably stick to music.

Any local bands that you think everyone should be checking out?

Our favorite local band right now is MJT. There are so many great ones on Long Island right now though it’s hard to name them all.

Thanks for your time! Where can our readers follow the band?

Check out our website at and you can follow the band on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram as well as listen to all of our music on digital retailers (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, etc.).

Monday Musings: NBA Finals, Doughnut Boxes, and Bleachers

monday musings

Monday Musings returns with some interesting articles to check out on the NBA Finals, why doughnut boxes are pink, and then give a listen to Bleachers. Check it all out below.

So Kevin Durant Can Play Center Now?

After Draymond Green fell into foul trouble during the third quarter, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr put Durant at the 5 — a position he had played for only eight minutes this season, entering the night, per NBA Wowy. Over a five-minute stint, the Warriors extended their lead to 14, and Durant thrived; the stretch was a microcosm of Durant’s technicolor performance that left him two steals short of a 5×5, with 33 points, 13 rebounds, six assists, and five blocks.

Kevin O’Connor over at The Ringer took a look at Kevin Durant’s performance at center in last night’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Even if you watched the game and already witnessed what he did, this is a good read on him and the situation.

Why are doughnut boxes pink? The answer could only come out of Southern California

The pink box is a distinctly regional tradition, one so ingrained it often requires an outsider to notice. The Northeast has Dunkin’ Donuts and its neon orange and pink box. The South has Krispy Kreme and its polka dot box. But come to Los Angeles and it’s the no-frills pink box, with signature grease marks, that commands counter space in our offices, waiting rooms and police stations.

If you’ve ever wondered about pink doughnut boxes, the LA Times has the reason why. Reading this just made me want a whole box of doughnuts, though, so consider yourself warned.

Bleachers – Gone Now

Check out the new album from Bleachers. It’s been a long time coming for this follow up album.

Playlist: Salt Creek

Salt Creek

Salt Creek sent over some songs that have influenced them and their music over the years. Some of the artists include Moving Mountain, Coldplay, and Envy on the Coast. The band recently released their debut EP, Where Strangers Go. You can check that out on Bandcamp and give a listen to their playlist below.

Interview: Craig Wedren

Craig Wedren

Craig Wedren took some time to talk to us about what it’s like to make music for film and television, what he’s working on, and more. Check out the full interview below.

We’ve recently seen more and more musicians getting involved directly with film and television. How did that come about for you?

From very early on -even when I was playing in bands- I always had a home studio where I made more experimental, film-like music. When I went to college, many of my closest friends (David Wain, Thomas Lennon, Michael Patrick Jann) were in film school and would turn to me for music, largely because I was the only guy they knew who was in a proper band, Shudder To Think, with actual records! Everything evolved from there.

With “No Estoy Triste,” did you know up front it would be used for the end credits?

I wrote No Estoy Triste specifically for the end credits of Latin Lover. Ken Marino, who directed (another one of my besties from college) wanted an upbeat, family-themed closing song that would leave the audience humming and happy. It popped out very quickly and immediately felt right, but it took a minute to figure out the right lyric bc my Spanish is basically 8th grade level(::

When you create original songs for film or TV, how does the process differ from making music for yourself?

In a band, one is usually saying “FU” to any-and-everyone else telling you what to do (except maybe your bandmates). Its an expression of freedom, independence and uniqueness of expression -its meant to be ‘foreground’ music, the sole focus of attention.

Movie music is explicitly about taking direction, it tends to be assignment-based, and needs to serve a larger vision. Its usually background music. I think of it like acting, where you take on a character, and speak through it. Movie music is frequently meant to be background music, subliminally directing the emotions of the audience. For me, personal music music for film are totally complimentary, and at this point I wouldn’t want to do one without the other.

Are you given any direction on what feeling the song should embody or where it’ll be used?

On a film or TV show, the director and I will discuss what the music for a given scene -or for the show as a whole- needs to convey, story-wise, emotionally, and ion terms of character or relationships. Then I go from there. Direction is vital in film and TV, although sometimes I like to create sketches and pitch my own ideas and impressions based on just the script, before the director and I get into it.

Going back a bit, what was it like working on a movie like School of Rock?

School Of Rock was a dream. My friend Randy Poster (music supervisor) called and asked me to write a ‘Creed-like’ power ballad for the evil band No Vacancy, and then they needed some instrumental score for the rest of the film. I also got to rehears with the kids, which was a blast. I feel very fortunate to have been involved in that one -a classic imo.

Do you have a favorite song from these projects or do you like them all for different reasons?

I’ve made so many songs and scores at this point that its hard to keep track, but I have a particular fondness for the songs from Wet Hot American Summer, particularly “Higher and Higher” from the movie (co-written with my friend Theodore Shapiro), and the original songs my team -Pink Ape- and I made for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp on Netflix. Those songs still get stuck in my craw.

Do you have anything in the works right now or in the near future?

I’m finishing up my new album Adult Desire right now. It’ll be out late-Summer/early Fall 2017. There will also be an accompanying album length video that I’m concocting. Very excited! Also, look out for the TV show GLOW on Netflix in June. Its about women’s wrestling in the ’80s, and I love the music we made for it. And Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later will be out this Summer, too! It takes place in 1991 so there’s lots of fun music or fans, particularly Gen-Xers.

Thanks for your time! Where can our readers follow you?

Thank you! Here are my handles..
Twitter: @craigwedren
Insta: @craigwedren
FB: @craigwedrenmusic; @shuddertothinkofficial