Playlist: LIMBS – ‘oooo spooky’

Photo Credit: Joshua Weaver

LIMBS took some time to put together a Halloween themed playlist for the site. Check out their song selections and what they have to say about them.

Fleet Foxes – “The Shrine / An Argument”

Josh: Fleet Foxes is one of my favorite bands, especially around the fall time. 3/4 of the song is normal, but the ending takes a weird, dark turn. The music video for this song is really eerie as well and it fits the Halloween vibe for sure.

Misfits – “Astro Zombies”

Daniel: You gotta listen to the Misfits at least once during October. It’s a tradition of mine to cycle through their whole discography every fall season. This is one of my personal favorites.

Ozzy Osborne – “Mr. Crowley”

Tyler: I chose Mr. Crowley for the playlist because of the back story behind the character. Mr. Crowley, other known as Aleister Crowley was thought to be the “most wicked man in the world” in the early 20th century. Crowley gained a lot of his “darker” reputation from dabbling in satanic worship, and drug experimenting. I thought it would be a very fitting song to add to this playlist.

Michael Jackson – “Thriller”

Jordan: I feel like this song really speaks for itself. I honestly cannot think of a more iconic song to reference for the Halloween season.

Jeff Richmond – “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (feat. Tracy Morgan & Donald Glover)”

Chris: This song helps make up for the insane amount of horrible Halloween-themed songs that exist. 30 Rock is also a good show.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – “Sunshine the Werewolf”

Josh: This was one of the first songs that really got me into TDEP. And it fits the Halloween feel because, well…it’s Dillinger.

Opeth – “Harvest”

Daniel: Opeth has a massive discography and I love every single one of their records. This song in particular has a very ‘fall’ feel to it.

CKY – “Escape from Hellview”

Tyler: I picked this song because the riff is gnarly, the song has this creepy haunting vibe/lyrics, and it reminds me of Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Now go get a slushie.

blink-182 – “I Miss You”

Jordan: [insert cliché statement about blink first inspiring me to play guitar]. Also vibe the Nightmare Before Christmas references – channel your inner scene kid.

Every Time I Die – “We’rewolf”

Chris: This entire record slams. I think it may be my favorite ETID record out currently. This track, specifically, is perfect for Halloween.

Isis (the band) – “Celestial (The Tower)”

Josh: Isis is one of the best heavy bands ever, hands down. I think this song fits the Halloween vibe perfectly. The screeching guitar, dark heavy howls in the background and massive riffs are flawless. This whole album is perfect for the fall/Halloween time.

Nine Inch Nails – “She’s Gone Away”

Daniel: Not only is this song dark and SO good, but it’s also featured in the new season of Twin Peaks. Trent Reznor can do no wrong.

Calabrese – “Voices of the Dead”

Tyler: When, you know you have no friends, you listen to the dead…’ Need I say more? Gnarly horror punk band that rips.

Jace Everett – “Bad Things”

Jordan: This song is eerie and lecherous…like a lot of modern-day Halloween themes. I think this song may have been used on a television show or something.

Radiohead – “Creep”

Chris: Great song.

Albums Out Today (10/13)

New Music Friday

New Music Friday is here and we have some music that you should definitely check out.

Beck – Colors

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile – Lotta Sea Lice

Decent Criminal – Bloom

Elephant Jake, Shark Club, Stand and Wave – Split EP

Iron Chic – You Can’t Stay Here

Julia Louise – Love Jail

Knuckle Puck – Shapeshifter

P!nk – Beautiful Trauma

St. Vincent – Masseduction

Stick To Your Guns – True View

Tegan and Sara – The Con X: Covers

Wu-Tang Clan – The Saga Continues

SoCal Spotlight: thanks.

LA transplants, thanks., made their way to SoCal from the east coast. You can check out some more about the band below along with the video for “Annabelle.”

Mario – Reading, PA
Steve – Long Island, NY

When the band formed: 2016

Mario Borgatta: Producer, Writer, Bass
Steve Pagano: Producer, Writer, Vocalist
Nick Monahan: Guitar

When did you first know you wanted to be in a band?

When I was 14 I bought my first bass guitar. I remember rocking out to some early 2000’s punk pop/rock music. Since then I knew I wanted to make a career with music. – MB

How did the current lineup come to be?

We all have been friends since college and have been always working on music together. Steve and Mario own a recording studio together where they produce other artists. So it was just natural for all of us to start a band.

With all the little pockets of music scenes in SoCal, how do you go about checking out the local scene and finding new bands to listen to or even perform with?

One of our favorite places to find new local artists is Bardot in Hollywood. Every Monday night they have an event called “School Night.” They almost always have great local bands that are currently doing very well in the LA scene. You can find us there on Monday nights.

What’s your favorite thing about the SoCal scene? What’s one thing you wish you could change about it?

The best part about the LA scene is that there are so many different venues that have great music playing every night. There are so many talented musicians and bands in SoCal, it’s hard not to run into a good show. I wouldn’t say there is anything I would change about it.

There’s no doubt that this is a crowded place. So do you ever find it difficult to build up even just a solid local following? How does the band go about doing that?

With all the talented artists in LA it’s definitely hard to break into the scene. You are always competing with so many other great musicians. I think as a band you just have to keep pushing your music and playing as many shows as possible. Do whatever you can to spread the word. We are firm believers that a great song will travel.

How does you handle the band’s social media presence? Where can the readers follow you?

We use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of them as a self managed band, but we find ways to stay as up to date as possible. Our handles are:

Twitter: @thanks_theband
Instagram @thanks.theband
Facebook: Music of thanks.

Do you have a favorite SoCal spot to play? What makes it your favorite?

Once again, Bardot in Hollywood during School Nights. Always a great crowd there!

What is the band working on right now?

We (Mario and Steve) are always producing and writing with new artists. So keep an eye out on our social media for any releases that they worked on. Besides being stuck in a windowless studio all day, you can find us playing volleyball on the beach or enjoying a nice cocktail in a Silver Lake bar.

Playlist: Father Mountain’s Favorite Fall Jams

Father Mountain put together a playlist of some of their favorite songs. You can give it a listen and read about their selections below. There’s a ton of great songs on this one!

Bad Books – “The After Party”

When I first discoved Bad Books, I was on fall break from college. At the time I just really connected with the lines in this song {it’s good to be alone / I hate to be alone}. I specifically remember listening to this in my room alone thinking “damn, this is super relevant.” – Jesse

The Menzingers – “Your Wild Years”

Fall always has me nostalgic, looking to drive through the mountains listening to Springsteen with the windows down. I’m a big fan of pretty much everything the Menzingers have done, but the narrative and the simple, punchy drums in this song match that feeling perfectly. – Austin

Anathallo – “Noni’s Field”

“We are no longer tied in to our bodies, we left them as a sign; to slip in to the cracks, tired and ready to go.” – Zane

Pinegrove – “The Metronome”

Fell in love with this band this year, can’t stop listening. – Travis

Jimmy Eat World – “Pain”

I actually first heard this song on Tony Hawk’s Underground 2. That was a long time ago, but I’ve always loved jamming to this song in my car with the windows down when the weather gets cooler. – Jesse

Nana Grizol – “Blackbox”

Everything about this song – the loose guitars, the bouncy feel, the abstract narrative – feels like fall to me. Nana Grizol nails the mood I’m in on a crisp Sunday without a lot to do. – Austin

Loyle Carner – “Damselfly”

Damselfly and the LP it come from (“Yesterday’s Gone”) hit me the same way The Devil and God… and Mean Everything to Nothing did when I heard them. This one is definitely a “put your headphones in and enjoy the long walk, letting the brisk wind dance against you” kind of track. – Zane

WHY? – “Simeon’s Dilemma”

My girlfriend showed me Why? a couple of years ago on a beautiful fall day in a beautiful city, and I feel like the lyrics to this song have been floating around in the back of my mind ever since. “You’re the only proper noun I need,” has to be one of the sweetest, simplest lyrics ever written. – Austin

Pedro the Lion – “Secret of the Easy Yoke”

Some of the most formative moments  in my adult life have taken place around late night, autumn campfires with a group of friends who first introduced me to Bazan. This song always reminds me of some of the most amazing people I know. – Travis

Brand New – “Okay, I Believe You but My Tommy Gun Don’t”

I found this song as I was going through a rough breakup around this time of year. The cockiness of the lyrics seemed to give me a bit of much needed confidence and a sense of control over the situation. – Jesse

Foxing – “Night Channels”

Walking to class, headphones in with leaves crunching underfoot. A perfect song to help you get lost in your head. – Travis

Yellow Ostrich – “When All is Dead”

Oh man! I first heard this song on my way back to Oklahoma after being gone for two years. That familiar mix of trepidation and excitement filled my stomach , and the brass movement in this song brought it all to capitulation. “Strange Land“ in its entirety is worth a listen, not just its killer closing track. – Zane

Honorable Mentions:

Frontier Ruckus – “Visit Me”

Death Cab for Cutie – “Tiny Vessels”

American Football – “Never Meant.”

Monday Musings: Music, Music, Music

monday musings

Monday Musings returns with some music for you to check out. We have new stuff from Heavy Sleeper, Frank Iero and the Patience, and Sammi Lanzetta.

Heavy Sleeper recently released a video for “Night Swim.” The band will be releasing Alive & Well on October 17th and you can pre-order a copy here.

Frank Iero and the Patience recently released Keep The Coffins Coming. You can stream the EP in full above. You can definitely expect a lot of noise on this release and it’s a fun listen.

Sammi Lanzetta has a new EP coming out on Friday. You can listen to “Circles” in the meantime, but be sure to give the whole thing a listen once it’s streaming.