Review: ‘Legion S01E08: Chapter 8’

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“Chapter 8” brings us the season finale of Legion. This show contained a series of weird, confusing, and just outright insane aspects to the story and the characters. Between the story, the cinematography, and the acting throughout, there’s a lot to love about this show. This episode in particular wraps up the season nicely, but still leaves us with something to look forward to.

The season finale is easily the most understood episode of the season. It’s a nice, linear episode, and we largely stay in the same reality. The only time things change is when Syd finds herself in the white room with Lenny. The main question is, do we still call her Lenny? Last episode we saw her interchanging with The Devil With The Yellow Eyes, who Cary seems to be calling Shadow King, as well. Either way, they’re all one and the same and while it makes the naming confusing at times, the character largely is not by the end of this season.

Kerry and Cary are still having their struggles in this episode and it’s nice to see that the show didn’t just fix everything with them for the sake of focusing more on David in the finale. We also see a lot of action with The Interrogator, who is never given an actual name. The episode starts out with a huge focus on a character who we know next to nothing about. We’re given a glimpse into his life and his personality before the episode picks up with him meeting David and company just outside of Summerland. It’s a nice little moment for a character who appeared important in previous episodes, but didn’t have the time spent focusing on him. Melanie is still a bit of a mystery, however. She runs the place and now that her husband’s back, he doesn’t remember her. That’s about all we know with no inkling of whether she’s an actual mutant or just an advocate for one.

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/FX

Throughout this episode, we see David struggle with trying to get the parasite out of his head. It’s painful to watch and thankfully, we’re given glimpses of David replaying the memories to avoid the struggle. Lenny appears and he questions what he’d be if she left. Needless to say, that was not the best thing to say because then we see him struggle even more before Syd takes charge and saves him. Once Syd kisses him, that’s when all hell breaks loose and The Devil With The Yellow Eyes makes his way from host to host. Making him present himself as Lenny throughout the season was an interesting choice and one that works out better than you’d think. Aubrey Plaza does an excellent job with the character. And on that note, the entire cast feels really well placed with their respective characters.

Overall, this season strayed from the path of what we’re used to seeing with comic book shows and movies. It was okay that things didn’t make sense to start and played out over a stretch of eight episodes. What the final episode did do, though, is have a post-credits scene that is commonly seen in Marvel movies. It gives a look at what scenario next season will start with. The show also does well on the music front. They’ve had some huge bands and songs play throughout the episodes. This finale ended with “Children of the Revolution” by T. Rex in a fitting scene of Oliver driving off with Lenny as his passenger.

Personally, I can’t wait for a second season of this show. It’s one of my favorite new shows in 2017 and the writing on it was fantastic throughout. If you want to know more about David Haller and Legion, check out X-Men: Legacy. You won’t get the same story, but it’s still interesting to see how they changed the show in comparison to the comics.

Review: Legion S01E07: Chapter 7

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Legion picks up right where the previous episode left off: The Eye is still chasing after Kerry in the hospital. We’re given vital information and “Chapter 7” moves along much faster than last week’s episode. Sometimes you need to slow things down a bit to prepare for what’s next. That’s exactly what happens here. Rationality prevails (in the form of a British version of David) and we learn so much more about David and what he’s going through. The episode is highly entertaining and gives much to look forward to in the season finale.

While the audience was piecing things together about what was going on, so was Syd. She makes that much known when she’s talking to Cary and states that the hospital was a mental projection created by the parasite. She also knows that everyone is in David’s childhood bedroom. It’s refreshing to see that the characters were essentially going through the same thing as the audience. It’s a nice way to present the situation and the solution for it.

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David gives a fantastic performance this episode, not only being himself, but his rational mind, too. The scene where he’s talking himself through how to overcome the parasite and figure out the facts is a joy to watch and the chalk animations are a nice touch. The animations really felt like what David would be visualizing in his head. It might not be the most exciting moment in the show, but it’s absolutely necessary and gives us a lot of the information we need.

Now onto the silent film portion of the episode. We get a crazed looking Lenny, who has also been The Devil with the Yellow Eyes, and it’s insanely great. The way it is shot in black and white and any dialogue is shown on a card is a great nod to some old movies, but horror ones in particular. We see the creepy, the brutal, and the power in Lenny’s character. It’s a great moment that really gives this episode a boost. The dialogue was fairly minimal, too, which allows you to focus on the characters in a new light.

Oliver is another huge focus in the episode. He’s out of his ice box and the dive suit. However, he has no memory of being married to Melanie. Jean Smart does an excellent job with staying composed, but allowing the pain to come through in her facial expressions. She’s pained that he doesn’t remember her, but thrilled that he’s back at the same time. That push and pull of emotions makes their scenes together much more interesting.

Overall, this is a fantastic penultimate episode. From the previous, it looks like we’ll get to see some more great things in the season finale, especially with this episode ending with D3 surrounding Summerland. Legion has been one of the best shows in 2017 and I’m sad that the first season is only eight episodes.

Review: Legion S01E06: Chapter 6

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“Chapter 6” of Legion takes viewers back to the hospital where the season began. With the episode mostly taking place in the hospital, this episode felt a little slower than the previous ones, but they still make it work. Things aren’t as they’ve seemed up until this point, but those events are still lingering around. While the characters are largely the same, there are some differences. Melanie is not the head of anything, Lenny is a therapist, and David’s sister is a nurse.

This series keeps the audience wondering if we’re in David’s head or if what’s actually happening is real. We’re never given an indication one way or another, which is one aspect that makes this show so entertaining. In this episode, we also see special effects in a different light. None of them involve David and his powers, so they never feel as intense, but they’re still great. Lenny’s dance scene is absolutely bizarre, but well done.

Photo Credit: Michelle Faye/FX

Seeing the characters in therapy allowed the audience to see how similar the characters are in comparison to the previous episodes. Cary and Kerry are still attached, but not in the same way. David, however, feels drastically different in this episode. He’s in control and is not using his powers. He and Syd are still together, but it doesn’t feel quite like the same relationship. The dive suit that Oliver was seen in makes a few appearances this episode, but we never get the confirmation that it’s him in it.

The way this show intertwines the current state of the characters at the hospital and the previous events that we aren’t certain even happened at this point works well. There are key moments where the previous events come into play and it feels like the characters are starting to put two and two together that things aren’t what they seem. It’s giving the show yet another interesting twist to it.

There’s still plenty to wonder about and only two episodes left in this season. The show is already renewed for a second season, but so much can be done in two episodes of this show. Legion is one of the best shows on TV right now and waiting week to week to see what happens is quite an impatient task to ask of the fans. “Chapter 6” might be a slower episode with not as much action, but it feels like it will be crucial to whatever comes next, especially with Lenny saying she and David could rival God with their powers.