Interview: Deal Casino Talk Upcoming Album

Deal Casino
Photo credit: Ciara Perrone

Deal Casino will release a new album this November. The band took some time to talk to us about LLC, Spotify playlists, and more. Check out the interview below.

With LLC coming out in November, what has been your main focus during this album cycle?

We have really just been focusing on making sure the songs are sounding good for live shows and making as many music videos as possible before we leave for this tour in November. There are a lot more parts to play and remember than our music prior to this record so we have spent a fair amount of time coming up with ways to get all the sounds to come across properly live. We did a lot of experimenting in the studio, and everything we do on stage happens completely live, we don’t use any tracks or anything, so we’ve just been figuring out how to re-create the sounds.

Is the plan to stay independent or is the band looking to attract some attention from record labels?

Right now we are figuring out how to grow and sustain this band as much as possible before signing to a label. Obviously, it would be great to have help, but we don’t really care either way. Signing a record deal seems like it would be great if the label really believes in your vision and works with you on it, but if they don’t then it wouldn’t matter at all.  If the situation comes along and it makes sense, then yeah, I guess we would consider something like that. If not, we just want to be able to write and record music and play it live. We write everything ourselves, we’ve got a great producer and engineer, a graphic designer who works with us on art, a great friend who is a brilliant photographer, a lighting designer, a crazy genius video director. They’re all in Asbury and they all do some of the same things a label would help with anyway, so we are a pretty self-sufficient operation at the moment.

“Happy People” made its way onto Spotify’s License to Chill playlist. What was your reaction when you found out?

We were really surprised and excited because getting on a playlist is the best way to get your music heard if you’re a band that no one really knows about, so we were more than thrilled to wake up one day and see our song on there. Spotify has been crazy supportive of us. We put out our first record and the song “Red Balloon” ended up on 3 huge playlists. That’s been a big deal for us. We’re extremely grateful for their support, and when you see your song on a playlist a lot of people listen to sandwiched between Foster the People and Tame Impala, it’s just humbling and kind of scary.

As a band from Asbury Park, NJ, do you feel really engrained in the local scene around there?

Asbury has an awesome music scene with a ton of really talented artists and when we first moved here, that was an essential part of us being able to play some shows right away. There are a dozen venues to perform at and even more bands to play with on the same bill so we definitely feel at home when we play among friends. We were really lucky to show up here at a time when this town was starting a renaissance. There’s so much happening here and it feels like a real community.

Do you have a favorite hometown venue to play?

There’s a bunch of amazing spots. We sold out the Stone Pony (the most legendary Asbury club) and House of Independents (one of the best new clubs) in the past two years, and we’ve played a lot of other great shows in great rooms. But I would say that Asbury Park Yacht Club is our favorite. It’s a really small bar that’s right on the boardwalk. The whole back wall is open so you can walk from the beach directly up to the bar. We have done several residencies there where we played sometimes twice a week every week for three months at a time so we have a ton of love for the staff and the venue itself. It’s just this little bar and we’ve just had so much fun doing these crazy sets there and it would be packed out. They also let you play as loud as you want!

What is the band currently doing to gear up for the release and the tour in November?

We have just been trying to get the songs and videos as prepared for a proper release, but other than that, we are literally broke because we have spent all of our money on road cases. We have never needed them before this tour, but we are having fun and feeling cool stenciling our band name on them.

Has the band started making plans for 2019 yet or are you taking it one day at a time right now?

We have already started writing songs and talking about where we want to make the next record with our producer, Erik Kase Romero. We’ve been playing these new songs for a while so naturally we are just trying to think of what’s next. Someone even mentioned a small string section so it’s already getting a little out of hand, but it should be interesting. In the near future, we’ll probably release some more stuff related to the new album early next year, and hopefully have a couple new songs out by next spring.

Thanks for your time! Where is the best place to keep up with Deal Casino?

Thank you for having us! I would say Instagram (@dealcasino_) and/or our website and our Youtube and Spotify and Apple Music.

Interview: Catch Fire Talk Debut LP and More

Catch Fire

Catch Fire have their debut LP on the way. Drummer Ash Wain took some time to discuss the record with us and what Catch Fire would like to do in the future.

When did the process first begin for working on Karma Owes Me a Lifetime of Happiness?

Myself and Miles started writing back in July 2017, but it wasn’t for anything in particular at that stage. There was no album on the table at this point; we just wanted to write something as we’re always keen to see what we come up with in the moment. “Petrifaction” came together first, and we knew straight away that that was the kind of direction we wanted to take this release. Especially with this being a debut album, we wanted it to be more emphatic, a little bit different and more consistent.

How did the band first start working with Rude Records?

We started working with Rude Records in 2016. They put out our debut EP The Distance I Am From You back then and we’ve been with them ever since. We’re extremely lucky to be with them and we owe them the world.

“Petrification” is a very relatable song. What led to focusing on the theme of karma with this release?

Karma is something I’ve always struggled with. I think most people solely believe in it as a way of coping in life, as they’re too fearful of what comes after. We look at it from multiple perspectives on the record. One of which is how people spend their lives being kind to others, only because they don’t want to be punished afterwards, not because they actually care. The main focal point however, is that people always say things like “what goes around comes around” or “people always get what they deserve,” but nobody ever sees that happen. Most of what we see every day are ‘bad’ things happening to ‘good’ people, or the ones we love the most struggling to cope with their mental illnesses. We’re not rejecting the existence of Karma, but I thought it was something interesting to bring into question. If it does indeed exist, I’d like to think that some people are owed some of the good Karma back, that they’ve spent their lives putting in.

How are you feeling about the debut as the release date approaches?

We couldn’t be more excited or proud. We’ll definitely get more apprehensive as November looms though. Hopefully Karma will do its thing and the hard work we put into this LP will pay off.

With the album coming out in November, do you have plans for a winter tour?

There are a few things that we’re locking in that I can’t reveal just yet unfortunately (sorry!). But we’ll be announcing all sorts of stuff over the coming months. Early 2019 should be pretty exciting, take that as you will!

Is there anything you’ve done as a band so far that you would do differently if you had the chance?

There was one thing… We wanted to rework “Bad Behaviour” from our first EP, so we did! It’s on the new album, and we can’t wait for people to hear it. We always loved that song, and thought it deserved a second wind.

What’s one thing you haven’t done yet as a band that you’d like to do?

Play overseas for sure! We’re still yet to break out of the UK and play a show in a different country, but hopefully we’ll be able to tick that off the bucket list soon!

Thanks for your time. Where can the readers keep up with Catch Fire?

You can follow us on all social media platforms with the handle @CatchFireUK. Thank you for reading!

Review: Bayside – Acoustic Volume 2


Bayside is one of those bands that has a pretty solid discography. I especially love it when bands will make use of that and give fans some extra music like Bayside has done with their acoustic albums. Acoustic Volume 2 hit fans’ ears recently and it’s a release that I’m excited about.

I’m a sucker for anything acoustic, which makes this release all the better for me. It kicks of with a fantastic rendition of “Sick, Sick, Sick,” which is an excellent choice for an opening track. It then runs right into “Mary,” which is one of the band’s more recent songs off of Vacancy. The album does a great job with mixing in songs from a wide variety of albums.

The track list of this album is key. It has the feel of a live performance. The band has been known to kick off sets with “Sick, Sick, Sick” and close them with “Devotion and Desire.” Then in the fourth spot you have a song like “Duality,” which is again, consistent with some of their live sets.

The whole feel of this album makes you think you’re in the room with Bayside as they play acoustic renditions of some of their biggest songs. It’s easy for me to get lost in the music when I’m listening to stripped down versions of songs with lyrics as strong as Bayside’s. It’s a treat to get something as personal as this from the band. You just get this sense that you know everything they’ve been through and there’s bound to be something relatable within these songs for anyone who listens to them.

Acoustic Volume 2 is a must-listen for Bayside fans. If you are like me and either love anything acoustic or just left getting something extra from bands you really enjoy, this will be up your alley. Bayside continues to put out solid music, even if it isn’t something entirely new.