Playlist: A Page Unturned Shares Top LA Bands

A Page Unturned took some time to pick out their favorite LA bands and share them with us. Take a look and listen to their selections below.

Billie Eilish – “bellyache”

She has an incredible voice and such a cool persona. Always brings so much energy to the stage and puts no boundaries on her genre or creativity. – Ryan

I’m Her Own Words – “Cut & Dry”

My friend Daisuke showed me these guys in 2015 and I’ve been a fan since. I just dig their sound. – Ryan

NOFX – “Linoleum”

Who doesn’t like NOFX? They’re the definition of punk and continue to put out music today after almost 30 years. They don’t care if anyone likes it and that’s what punk rock is all about. – Ryan

Hoobastank – “Just One”

It’s not too much to say they made a big wave for Emo. The melodies are catchy and their music will keep being the standard for Emo music.

Jack’s Mannequin – “Spinning”

The singer Andrew was diagnosed in Leukemia in 2005. They released 2nd album after his recovery and the sound always told me how strong we all are and how amazing our life is. – Yoshihiro

Linkin Park – “Numb”

Nothing to say, they’re legends in long rock music history. Their music will carry on till the end of time. – Yoshihiro

Every Other Year – “One Day”

We were on the same bill as them at one of our shows recently and we thought they were a really good band. Brought a lot of energy and had really good tunes.

The Dickies – “Stukas Over Disneyland”

One of those classic punk bands from the 70’s and 80’s that my Dad showed me. Very catchy vocal melodies, intricate guitar riffs and some very funny songs. – Damon

Gardenside – “Blind”

A band from LA that a friend of my told me to check out on Spotify and I thought they were great! Hopefully we’ll get to be on the same bill as them one of these days. – Damon

Yellowcard – “Ocean Avenue”

One of those bands that we grew up listening to from our genre. They were an overall great band with catchy tunes and the violinist is awesome! – Damon