Playlist: Come Clean Share Top 10 Halloween Songs

Rob Hendley of Come Clean shared his top 10 Halloween songs. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit with Halloween just days away now. Check out the song selections.

John Carpenter – “Halloween Theme”
Halloween is my favorite Halloween movie. I used to be pretty afraid of Michael Meyers as a kid, but I still watched it anyway and I still watch the movies around Halloween, lonely tradition of mine I suppose.

Bobby Pickett- “Monster Mash”
I’ve always liked this song for as long as i can remember. I think most of us probably do and I don’t think I need to be too descript on why it makes my Halloween list. For some reason I have a very strong memory of hearing this song, walking through Lowe’s Hardware, and seeing their big inflated Halloween decorations display.

Alkaline Trio – “We’ve Had Enough”
I think Alkaline Trio will always be my #1 fall time band. They are one of my favorite bands ever and I love how they combine poppier punk music with darker, horror style imagery. Their imagery alone takes me straight to a Halloween feel every time.

My Chemical Romance – “Thank You for the Venom”
One of the little bit heavier hitting tracks from Three Cheers, I got into them around Halloween when i was a freshman in high school. I got a burnt copy from a friend, drew all over it, and walked around school listening to this track a lot through that period.

Beloved – “Into Your Arms”
This song just sounds like fall to me and fall may as well just be Halloween. I’m not sure why, but I remember playing this song all the time in my room, riding bikes in my driveway with it being sunny outside and not quite chilly but the leaves are piling up in the yard.

Set Your Goals – “Mutiny!”
I discovered Set Your Goals in high school. It was fall, around Halloween, and i had gotten a Mutiny! hoodie from a friend that I wore religiously, that paired with the “Mutiny!” music video where they dress up like land pirates and remembering specifically wearing that hoodie to explore some urban legend haunted spots around home definitely reminds me of Halloween.

Goalkeeper – “Nothing At All”
This is the newest track from some of our good friends in Philly. As we approach Halloween this year, I’ve been jamming this alot lately and I’m sure when i hear it in the future it will take me back to fall times and Halloween.

Mac Miller – “Life Ain’t Easy”
I used to work at a shop installing leather interior in cars. I worked beside a friend who got me into Mac Miller around fall/Halloween a few years ago. This song always stuck with me as an inspiration to keep pushing through hard times and reminds me of cold falls and needing to shut the bay doors so we could feel our hands.

Handguns – “Porch Light”
This is a song I would frequently listen to and I think i discovered it around Halloween, it reminds me of my old job mowing on a farm and feeling the cold air burn my hands and face as I mowed in the early mornings.

Modern Baseball – “Your Graduation”
I don’t remember when I discovered MoBo but the lonely halloween party footage from the music video is the only image I see in my head when I hear this song.