Interview: Catch Fire Talk Debut LP and More

Catch Fire have their debut LP on the way. Drummer Ash Wain took some time to discuss the record with us and what Catch Fire would like to do in the future.

When did the process first begin for working on Karma Owes Me a Lifetime of Happiness?

Myself and Miles started writing back in July 2017, but it wasn’t for anything in particular at that stage. There was no album on the table at this point; we just wanted to write something as we’re always keen to see what we come up with in the moment. “Petrifaction” came together first, and we knew straight away that that was the kind of direction we wanted to take this release. Especially with this being a debut album, we wanted it to be more emphatic, a little bit different and more consistent.

How did the band first start working with Rude Records?

We started working with Rude Records in 2016. They put out our debut EP The Distance I Am From You back then and we’ve been with them ever since. We’re extremely lucky to be with them and we owe them the world.

“Petrification” is a very relatable song. What led to focusing on the theme of karma with this release?

Karma is something I’ve always struggled with. I think most people solely believe in it as a way of coping in life, as they’re too fearful of what comes after. We look at it from multiple perspectives on the record. One of which is how people spend their lives being kind to others, only because they don’t want to be punished afterwards, not because they actually care. The main focal point however, is that people always say things like “what goes around comes around” or “people always get what they deserve,” but nobody ever sees that happen. Most of what we see every day are ‘bad’ things happening to ‘good’ people, or the ones we love the most struggling to cope with their mental illnesses. We’re not rejecting the existence of Karma, but I thought it was something interesting to bring into question. If it does indeed exist, I’d like to think that some people are owed some of the good Karma back, that they’ve spent their lives putting in.

How are you feeling about the debut as the release date approaches?

We couldn’t be more excited or proud. We’ll definitely get more apprehensive as November looms though. Hopefully Karma will do its thing and the hard work we put into this LP will pay off.

With the album coming out in November, do you have plans for a winter tour?

There are a few things that we’re locking in that I can’t reveal just yet unfortunately (sorry!). But we’ll be announcing all sorts of stuff over the coming months. Early 2019 should be pretty exciting, take that as you will!

Is there anything you’ve done as a band so far that you would do differently if you had the chance?

There was one thing… We wanted to rework “Bad Behaviour” from our first EP, so we did! It’s on the new album, and we can’t wait for people to hear it. We always loved that song, and thought it deserved a second wind.

What’s one thing you haven’t done yet as a band that you’d like to do?

Play overseas for sure! We’re still yet to break out of the UK and play a show in a different country, but hopefully we’ll be able to tick that off the bucket list soon!

Thanks for your time. Where can the readers keep up with Catch Fire?

You can follow us on all social media platforms with the handle @CatchFireUK. Thank you for reading!