Playlist: Pros and iCons Share Biggest Inspirations

Pros and iCons released their debut album, iConic, last year. The band has a wide variety of influences and they were kind enough to share those with us today. Check out the playlist and what they had to say about each song.

 Mötley Crüe — “Kickstart My Heart”

There’s an undeniable energy in all of Mötley Crüe’s music that greatly inspired iConic. Their anarchical style and explosive hits capture the anthemic poise we aim to express in our music and live performance. Plus, they’re just badass.

Linkin Park — “Breaking the Habit”

This is one of our favorite songs by one of our favorite artists. They infiltrated mainstream radio while aggressively combining pop, hip hop, and rock. Our band name Pros & iCons expresses an inherent duality to illustrate our genre-bending approach, which is similar to and inspired by Linkin Park.

Polyphia — “Light”

Pop melodies disguised as guitar leads? Polyphia exceeded our expectations of contemporary rock. Their tunes directly inspired what we had aimed to achieve on “Catch Me.”

The Weeknd — “Angel”

Whether by heartbreak or just damn good songwriting, we couldn’t escape this song for the months we were finalizing iConic. The Weeknd’s nearly somber musical disposition makes our little 2007 emo hearts feel at home. His songs are massive and emotional, much like ours, and “Angel” greatly influenced our track “Fallen.”

Lady Gaga — “Marry the Night”

Gaga is one of Joey Dean’s (vocals) biggest inspirations. Her vocal approach, translating her classical training into her pop/rock ‘n’ roll hybrid, is much like Dean’s. Her Born This Way era certainly bit from the 80s, much like iConic, and this massive hit has inspired us sonically, thematically, and visually.

Drake — “Hype”

When we were writing iConic, Drake dropped “Views” and we couldn’t stop streaming this ish. Much like The Weeknd, Drake’s emotive lyrics and production make us feel some type of way and we love it. We had to choose “Hype”—everyone gets hype at every Pros & iCons live show.

Bring Me The Horizon — “Drown”

Much like Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon seamlessly blended together genres into a style original to their name. Particularly, their orchestral influence fits well with cinematic and video game-inspired tracks we have and have yet to release. “Drown” is one of our favorites off That’s The Spirit.

Elton John & George Michael — “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”

Between their style, vocal approach, and stories, these two LGBTQ icons are huge inspirations for Joey Dean. They both evoked something provocative in their approach, while maintaining a richness to their singing. And, well, Elton John wrote for The Lion King. How could we not include him?

Sylar — “Soul Addiction”

Sylar is a fellow NYC native, hailing from Queens, the stomping grounds of our own Niko Vaude (guitar), and so we’ve been watching their journey for a while. Their record Help! proved we weren’t the only crazy kids on the underground NYC scene progressively blending together genres. “Soul Addiction” became a Van’s Warped Tour anthem we couldn’t stop listening to.

Thirty Seconds to Mars — “Kings and Queens”

It’s hard to articulate with Thirty Seconds to Mars. Their music just has this feeling. It fires us up from the inside and inspires. We grew up listening to them and have felt an irresistible connection to A Beautiful Lie and This Is War. “Kings and Queens” is just that song.