Interview: Sleeping Seasons Talk New Record

C.J. Starnes of Sleeping Seasons took some time to talk about the new album from the band. Never Would I Choose To Never Love At All released on August 31st via Innerstrength Records. Read the interview below!

Never Would I Choose To Never Love At All is out now. How did you feel on release day knowing that fans could hear the full record?

Excited and relieved. We poured everything into getting this record out. From pre-production in July last year, making the record from August-December, music video in January, pitching to labels, etc. It was a long process so we were absolutely excited when everything was set and now that it is out, we just hope it means as much to the listener as it does to us.

What was the fans’ reaction like to the album?

Everyone that has reached out has been so positive about the record. It is incredibly encouraging to us.

How did you get hooked up with Innerstrength Records?

We signed on with our manager Erick with Word Is Bond Inc. in early June of last year. He had been talking to labels about our last record and when we completed this one he went out and talked to labels more and Innerstrength was the right one for this release. They were really excited about it, and they wanted to see it succeed. Which really made us feel like they cared about how this did. They offered us a deal we felt confident with and we all decided we’d move forward together.

When you were in the early stages of the album, what was the writing process like?

It feels like a lifetime ago so oddly enough I don’t remember a whole lot about it actually. I usually have ideas written when I bring them to the band and they help me filter and organize the songs and put their parts on it. We have a very singer/songwriter type of sound that has just been expanded into what it is by the members in the band all putting their influences in. When I had all ten songs ready we actually camped out a weekend at our guitarists house and finished writing the record together.

How about the recording process once you were ready for that? Who did you work with on the album?

We have worked with Cody Landers on our last two releases. He is hands down the only person I trust when I have something I want to record. He knows what I’m thinking, and has the vision to take it there. He also doubles as a producer as well so his input is invaluable to us because he knows what will sound good in the final mix. It was effortless working with him.

What was your favorite thing about working on the album?

I loved getting to see the songs I’d had in my head for so long and heard in the rehearsal room taking shape and forming their characters in the soundscape of the studio. It is a surreal experience because that is where you have the most control over how something sounds and we were so excited watching these songs come to life and tell a story.

What does the band hope to accomplish through the music?

We hope the music is what people need it to be for them. We are all Christian’s in the band and hope that we can be a light for Christ. I think it’s evident in the lyrics throughout the record my need to lean on Christ at all times, good and bad. When people hear these songs, I hope they connect with the heartbreak, the victories, and the honesty of the story. I hope they see that there is a great purpose to life. There is a reason why the statement “everything happens for a reason” is true.

What’s next now that the album is out? Do you have plans to tour?

We have more music in the works to record. We are planning tours to support this album. There is a lot coming up!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Where can the readers keep up with the band?

We have a website, and all major social media outlets. Just look up “Sleeping Seasons” anywhere and you’ll find us.