Playlist: The Demos Share Artists You Should Listen To

The Demos have a new EP out today. If Only You Knew blends synths and guitars for a heavy dose of power pop. Today, they’re also sharing a playlist of artists that they think everyone should be listening to.

Everyone in the band has a pretty eclectic taste, but one thing we love doing (especially on the road) is making up playlists of songs we’ve been digging at the moment. This playlist is exactly like one we’d make in the van. Its full of songs we can’t get out of our heads, the latest from some of our good friends, and songs that have significant meaning to us right now.

Twin Peaks – “Tossing Tears”

I (Jay) have been a huge fan of Twin Peaks for the past few years. They are an amazing rock band that I feel like could have existed in almost any decade. Their songs are instantly catchy and I find myself humming the “na nas” at the end of this song WAY to often. Every hook in this one is etched in my brain!

Jukebox The Ghost – “Fred Astaire”

We met the guys in Jukebox The Ghost way back in 2010 and instantly hit it off. We even did a short tour with them in 2012. This is one our favorite tracks on their latest release. We find ourselves turning this one up in the van as we drive through crowded parking lots. We are excited to be playing a few more dates with Jukebox The Ghost in September so we can finally sing along in person with Ben’s ridiculously good voice.

Maybird – “Keep In Line”

Maybird is our man-crush-Monday forever. We’ve been HUGE fans of Josh Netsky’s songwriting since we all met at the tender age of 17. This song, produced by The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, features AMAZING guitar hooks by Kurt Johnson and Overhand Sam Snyder that will get stuck in your head for days and you will find yourselves singing along.

Alexandra Savior – “Shades”

Caela was the first to discover Alexandra Savior and her record Belladonna of Sadness quickly found itself on heavy rotation on our turntable. It’s got such an awesome noir vibe with modern production. You can really hear Alex Turner’s influence. It’s a great late night jam. Really good to throw on in your car driving home at 3am or smoking a cigarette outside in the rain. In an altered state it may inspire one’s life to spin off into another reality, reminiscent of a Quinton Tarantino film.

The Cribs – “Lights Went Out”

The Cribs have always been one of our favorites. We recently revisited their self-titled record (on which this song appears) and instantly fell back in love with it. Nothing like feeling like its 2004 again! Good times.

Joywave – “Blastoffff”

Dan, the frontman of Joywave, produced our latest EP If You Only Knew and we recently went on tour with them this summer. They dropped this single right before we left for tour and it was a staple of their live set on the run. Only a few dates into the tour I (Jay) asked Dan, “Could you stop writing songs as catchy as “Blastoffff? Because I’m sick of hearing people whistle it in the van for 8 hours straight.” He responded plainly, “No.”

Michael Jackson – “The Way You Make Me Feel”

Brian Malouf mixed our new EP and he was also a recording engineer on Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” Learning this had us throwing on songs by Michael left and right. There’s a reason he’s the king of pop. Just TRY not to dance. I dare you. “The Way You Make Me Feel” has always been one of our favorites of his. SIDE NOTE: While on tour in Des Moines I managed to find an actual Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker arcade game in a “barcade” next to the venue. Moonwalker was my FAVORITE game to play at Chuck E Cheese as a child and I have not seen a functioning version of the game since. Perhaps too much time and money was spent.

ELO – “Secret Messages”

On one of our long drives on the last tour we were searching for something interesting to listen to and this track popped up in someone’s “New Release Radar” on Spotify. So, naturally, we thought it was a BRAND NEW ELO track that just came out. A few minutes into the track we were blown away. It sounded like it could have easily have been made today or 30 years ago. That’s when Cal yelled from the back of the van, “this actually came out in 1983!” Turns out the record was being reissued available for the first time as originally conceived by Jeff Lynn as a double album. Really speaks to the timelessness of Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra. We listened to a LOT of ELO that day.

Hawker M. James – “Falling Out”

Mike James is one of the most prolific songwriters we know and every single track is amazing. This latest single is extra special to us as Jay had the pleasure of directing, shooting and editing a video for it on the desolate streets of our hometown, Rochester, New York. You know a song is good when you can spend HOURS editing a video to it and still find yourself humming it as you walk around!

Bob Dylan – “Highway 61 Revisited”

While we were on tour this summer, on the day of the blood moon total lunar eclipse we found ourselves driving on Highway 61, the Avenue of the Saints. The song came on in the van and we all freaked out. Afterwards we got out, and took pictures next to the road sign. What a special moment for us.