Interview: The Living Strange Talk ‘GUNK’

Eli Sokolow of The Living Strange took some time to chat with us about the band’s new release, GUNK. Check out the full interview below.

You had your album release show in NYC recently. How did that go?

It was awesome. Whenever we get to play gigs with our friends, it’s a great feeling. At that show, we had a longer set than usual and we played the whole record in order, as well as some other tracks.

When you were working on the album, what was the writing process like?

Many of these songs were written over the process of a few years. This album was almost like an older version of me directing a younger version of me. The skeletal parts of the songs were mainly written in 2014/2015 when we started as a band. Over the years of touring and growing, we revised the songs until they became what they are now.

What influenced you the most when you were working on the new music?

I was most influenced by everything that I don’t like in music. That usually gives me the best idea of what I do like. In alternative rock, a lot of bands now have been downplaying the “rock” aspects of their sound. I wanted to do the opposite of that on GUNK.

What is it like touring with more people than you record with when you’re in the studio?

Our current lineup has made the band more fun than I thought it could ever be. Everyone is really talented in different areas of music and to come together and create the music in realtime is my favorite thing.

Now that the album is out and you’ve done the release show, what are your plans for the remainder of 2018?

We have more touring coming up throughout the year. We’ll be throwing a festival in NYC called Strangefest. Also, there’s two more releases we are recording.

Do you have any interesting hobbies outside of the band?

What is this “outside of the band” concept? I’ve never heard of it.

What’s your favorite venue to play in New York?

My favorite venue to play in New York is Zone One at Elsewhere. It’s real close to where we live and it’s a good space for our style.

What venue would you love to play, but haven’t had the chance to yet?

I’d love to play at the Hollywood Bowl with the house orchestra. It’d be like Metallica’s orchestra album except less “yeaaahs” after every word and more the living strange.

Thank you for your time! Where can our readers keep up with The Living Strange?

All info is at