SoCal Spotlight: OcnSide

We have a new SoCal band for you to check out. Anthony Aguiar of OcnSide kindly answered our questions so you can get to know the band a little better.

Hometown: Los Angeles
When the band formed: 2017
Members: Anthony Aguiar (writer/synth, guitar, bass, keys) David Dennis (vocals, guitar, bass)

When did you first know you wanted to be in OcnSide? 

I think David and I have always had a strong attraction to soul music. When we first started jamming again, we tried several different sounds, but the thing that felt best and natural was digging into our love for old Motown with a little rock influence.

How did the current lineup come to be? 

David and I have been friends for a long time. We actually were in LA’s local favorites Voxhaul Broadcast together. After we had a couple of solo projects, David and I decided to get together and kinda finish off where Voxhaul never got to go musically last year. We really wanted to dive into that soul sound and thought now was the best time.

With all the little pockets of music scenes in SoCal, how do you go about checking out the local scene and finding new bands to listen to or even perform with? 

Haha, good question. Lately, it easy to find something great on Spotify or Apple Music. As far as live shows, we always just stick to the venues around our us. On the free nights we usually just go and check out what’s happening at the Hi-Hat, The Echo, Satellite, or Bardot.

What’s your favorite thing about the SoCal scene? What’s one thing you wish you could change about it? 

The musical vibe is always fresh, alive and free sounding in SoCal. If we could change anything, I guess we wish that LA was easier to get around.

There’s no doubt that this is a crowded place. So, do you ever find it difficult to build up even just a solid local following? How does the band go about doing that? 

Yeah for sure it’s difficult. We are just starting that up again, so I guess it’s just good to have a solid foundation with those closest to you and then build from there. I guess you’re always hoping that the music resonates farther and that all the social media out there can really spread your reach wide.

How do you handle the band’s social media presence? Where can the readers follow you?

It’s very small right now. We literally just got started in the last month. I guess we are learning as we go haha. We have all the socials.




Do you have a favorite SoCal spot to play? What makes it your favorite?

The local spots in Highland Park and Echo Park are always a great place to play. Hi-Hat, The Echo, Satellite, and Bardot. Great vibes and great crowds!

What is OcnSide working on right now?

We are always collaborating with others and individually writing to see what where we go next musically. We have a bunch of other songs ready to go so we are looking forward to sharing those tunes soon as well.