Playlist: Modern Racket’s Top 10 California Bands

Modern Racket picked their top 10 bands from California for our latest playlist feature. Check out their selections and why they made them.

Weezer- “Buddy Holly”

Weezer is a huge influence to us and this band has been around for a long time and are still putting out great music! This misfits band of dorky rocker types reflects ourselves in ways that relate to so much, which is pretty cool. We choose, “Buddy Holly,” because it’s one of our favorites by them.

FIDLAR- “No Waves”

FIDLAR is a new band that we’ve had all kind of discovered together at the same time and instantly vibed with. Thier song writing and power hitting originals really brought together a sound that we’ve been searching for. So glad to see a band like this playing all over the place. They deserve it. We chose, “No Waves,” because this was the first song we’ve all heard together.

The Frights- “You Are Going To Hate This”

More or less from SD county but still pretty close to L.A. The Frights are another band that is quite new in the scene and captured our attention really quickly. We look up to these once local bands that have spread and are now getting recognized all over. Their sound is a modernized 50s rock and we like it! “You Are Going To Hate This,” is the song we chose because when we wanna agree to The Frights this is the song we play! It is also the name of their album.

Chicano Batman- “Black Lipstick”

Chicano Batman came out of nowhere and we were like, “Woah, ok. This is different!” They have such a unique sound mixed in with latino culture, which we like because 3/4 of us in the band are Hispanic. There’s so much influence when listening to them. Makes us want to definitely get a keyboardist. If you haven’t heard of Chicano Batman you’re doing it wrong! Go listen to, “Black Lipstick,” now. Like right now!

together PANGEA- “Badillac”

These newer bands coming out of left field just keep blowing our minds because it is sheer raw talent within the likes we haven’t seen for many years! And every time we discover a new local band blowing up it makes our pee pees tickle! together PANGEA brings a traditional mix of modern and classic rock to the stage and proves that Rock N Roll is far from dead! Great band! “Badillac,” is an instant favorite!

Sublime- “40oz. To Freedom”

Straight out of Long Beach, CA. Sublime will have to get an honorable mention, I mean, that’s pretty much LA still. Who doesn’t love Sublime? We don’t even have to explain this bands roots and how WE connect with them. Everyone knows why. They are just badass plain and simple and if you disagree, then you are WRONG! Just like FIDLAR says, “Lock yourself in your room with 40oz. on repeat! “40oz. To Freedom.”

Metallica- “Fight Fire With Fire”

Originated in Los Angeles but then truly branded themselves in San Francisco. Metallica is hands down the greatest metal band ever. EVER. Everyone knows Metallica but do you truly listen to Metallica? We do. Religiously. Keeps reminding us on why we do what we love. To rock faces! For those who have never listened to old Metallica just blast, “Fight Fire With Fire,” and it’ll change your life.

MEGADETH- “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”

Ok. We can’t mention Metallica without bringing up MEGADETH! For those who don’t know Dave Mustaine (singer and guitar player of MEGADETH) used to be the original lead guitarist of Metallica. Let’s show him some love because we truly cannot compare these two bands. Both great and impressive with their writings of war, government, power, and of course.. death. “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due.” Best song by them!

Rage Against The Machine- “Sleep Now In The Fire”

Rage! For obvious reasons right? The only band next to MEGADETH to capture the essence of the corruption of government and greedy politics. Rage kills! Not to mention all the great hits they have! “Sleep Now In The Fire,” or bust!

The Doors- “LA Women”

The Doors are the OG’s of LA based bands and they have paved the way for all of us. There would not be half the bands we listen to if it wasn’t for The Doors. They deserve the shout out and the respect. “LA Women,” always a great song to remember them by. It has everything.