Playlist: Hello Atlantic’s 10 Songs They Wish They Wrote

Hello Atlantic put together a list of songs that they wish they wrote. Check out a short message from the band and their song selections.

This was a tricky one for us, it took us a few days to finally decide and compile a list of songs so we each chose 3 songs and one as a group! These songs are in no specific order.. except for our #1 pick. So here goes nothing! – Hello Atlantic

1. My Chemical Romance – “Welcome to the Black Parade” 

This is the song we all agreed we wish we wrote… I mean come on, do we even need a reason why? Have you ever listened to this and have it not bring you back? The most iconic song of the 2000’s. The first note is the only note you need to hear before your nails become painted black and your hair becomes teased.  It’s an obvious pick for us, especially since one of our new songs is very heavily influenced by MCR, it’s almost TOO MCR if you ask us.

2. Atreyu – “Bleeding Mascara” (Ryan’s Pick)

So this is a weird one I know, but this was the first Atreyu song I had ever heard and from that moment on I was hooked! They are one of myall time favorite bands, it was different for me, they had this edge to them that really got me listening and now looking back on it, if I could have written a song that captured my audience and blew them away like this did me, I would choose to have written this heavy hitter, not to mention that intro track to the album that lead right into it, like woah man… this is a banger!

3.  Blink-182 – “All The Small Things” (Eric’s Pick)

This song absolutely changed the game for upcoming pop punk bands in the 90’s and 2000’s.  Aside from influencing other bands to want to become the next Blink-182, this song is like a pop punk anthem for all those 80’s and 90’s kids, and still holds true today, everyone knows this song!

4. Panic! At the Disco – “(F*** A) Silver Lining” (Ian’s Pick)

There is just so much energy to this song! Gives you those “High Hope’s”(pun intended). Panic! just keeps releasing hit after hit and that’s really all you can hope for as a band, just pumping out new material that everyone loves and writing such fun songs that you as well as your fans truly love and relate to.

5. Green Day – “Jesus of Suburbia” (Ryan’s Pick)

Talk about an epic, am I right? Green Day has always been an influential band for me, when I first listen to “Jesus Of Suburbia” my face practically melted off! Being a drummer all of those big fills in the middle of the song just really blew me away. It’s like they just mashed up a bunch of songs and riffs they had and made this absolute gem of a song, if you ever see someone listening to this song I can guarantee you’ll see them singing there heart out and drumming along to those big fills!

6. Linkin Park – “One Step Closer” (Eric’s Pick)

Linkin Park came into the scene and made a huge splash! They were such a different band for their time, and frankly that’s all we aim to be… different! “One Step Closer” came out and hit hard! Again much like most of our picks, it quickly became a huge hit and that year’s summer anthem, I want you to think of one person who doesn’t know this song… I’ll wait!

7. The Used – “The Taste Of Ink” (Ian’s Pick)

The Used is a big influence for us as a band, as well as myself as a singer and writer. This song sparks inspiration to go out into the world and be different and make a name for yourself…Or at least that’s the impression I got from it. The Used are categorized with MCR and there’s a reason for it… they wrote relatable and catchy music, but also had a different sound that really stuck out in the early 2000’s and Hello Atlantic is looking to follow that same path.

8. Panic! At The Disco – “Death of a Bachelor” (Ryan’s Pick)

Being my hardest decision of a song to pick, it was always going to be a Panic! song. They are my all time favorite band! How could I not pick one? I chose this song because I’m also a HUGE Frank Sinatra fan (he almost made the list) and Brendan really captured his big influence in this one! DOAB is such a different song not only for them, but for any newer music that is coming out these days. I wish I could write like they do, and when hearing this the second it came out I was so taken back, DOAB is just the right mix of modern and old school Jazz-esk sound, throughout High School I was always participating in our after school Jazz Ensemble which really opened my eyes to creativity and that whole realm of music. To this day I wish I could still do it and now more than ever wish I could write something as amazing as this.

9. System Of A Down – “Lonely Day” (Eric’s Pick)

How do you even begin to explain this song? Scratch that, this band? Well aside from being the only band to even write music like this, they are always testing the limits of what they write. But what really draws me into this song is that they are able to dial it back from 11 and write a more melodic and interesting song. When I first heard this song I couldn’t even believe that it was them! I mean really, compare Lonely Day to something like Chop Suey… how could a band like this even take it down a notch and make such a relatable song? And relatable is what we as musicians are always striving to do, make a song that people can relate to.

10. Dance Gavin Dance – “Summertime Gladness” (Ian’s Pick)

This is my favorite band and I’d be ashamed of myself for not including them on this list. They have been a major impact on not only my writing but also in my vocals, which hopefully you’ll be able to hear in our new EP. But back to the song… “Summertime Gladness” is just one of those weird fun songs that make you want to get up and dance to. Like seriously, who wouldn’t want to write a song that could bring so much happiness and weirdness to the table and make you just wanna move your head in the car and jam out to? Or even throw that car right into park on the highway and dance with this song cranking over the speakers. If there’s anything I want more in our new music and even on the next album is to make people wanna move their feet and simultaneously think… what a weird band, now they are something different.