Review: Vacationer – Mindset

At times, Vacationer might sound like The Starting Line, but despite Kenny Vasoli’s involvement in both bands, Vacationer is inherently different. If The Starting Line is the band that gets you pumped up with its pop-punk hooks, Vacationer is the band you just chill out to. Don’t get me wrong, Mindset still has energy, but it comes in a different form.

Vasoli is joined by Ryan Zimmaro (drums), Michael Mullin (keyboards), Greg Altman (guitar), and producers Matthew Young and Grant Wheeler. Mindset marks the third album from the band, but it’s the first that I really dived into. This is a band that just slipped by me. “Magnetism” was a nice selection for the first single since it encompasses the whole tone that the album is going for.

Summer jams can be anthemic, but this album feels like one a lot of people would listen to all summer long just because of the feel good vibes that it gives off. “Strawberry Blonde” is a light-hearted song that you can’t help but bob your head along to.

The beats on the album never feel overproduced and they know how to take a backseat to the vocals. Some songs are more bass-heavy than others, but that’s perfectly fine. It gives you more dynamic songs as you listen through it from top to bottom.

Mindset comes to a close with the 5 1/2 minute track “Companionship.” The song encompasses the lighter moments with bass-heavy ones as it builds and falls. It’s a nice culmination of the album and there isn’t much more I can say other than telling you to go listen to this album. I was pleasantly surprised when I first hit play and I’ll be spinning this quite a few more times throughout the summer.

You can pick up Mindset by Vacationer over on Amazon.