Playlist: Bitter Bones Share Top 10 Maine Artists

Bitter Bones put together a playlist of their top 10 artists from Maine for us. Check out the selections below along with the video for “All Okay.”

Spose – “Knocking on Wood”

I chose this track by spose cause this song has such a happy vibe too it. This is the track you jam too when you’re having a good day. So much respect for him.

The American Classic – “Red”

This track is actually the catchiest song. It is always stuck in my head. Everyone in this band is super talented and the singer of this band was the singer of my last band.

Roseview – “Haze”

These dudes are some of my best friends. Recently signing to Tragic Hero they are onto some big things. The singer of this group and I have been in bands together for 8 years or something like that. Him and I actually just dropped a track together you can see that on my Spotify!

Cruel Hand – “Labyrinth”

Cruel Hand is my hype band. I listen to these dudes at the gym or when I’m having a bad day. Nothing but love for those dudes

Hours North – “Turbulence”

I recently started jamming these dudes. Another band with crazy talent. The singers voice is so powerful and it’s got such a relaxing vibe.

Too Late The Hero – “Villain in the Lobby”

These guys are the tightest band I’ve seen live. I have gone to their shows for 10 years back home. I always looked up to them. Kevin from this band actually mastered my next single I’m dropping. Check out this Track by them. Another gym banger.

Acadia – “Pawtucket Street (feat. Jordan Black)”

The hook in this song actually gets stuck in my head all the time. I’ll catch myself singing this one. These dudes actually just announced a break up recently. Super catchy.

J Spin – “TV Show”

So I actually stumbled across this dude on Instagram recently. I really love his voice, super unique. Can’t wait to see what else he puts out!

B. Aull – “Come Down”

Nothing but respect for this dude. I have seen him perform and he just looks like he belongs in a stadium. Dudes got flow.

Trove – “Shove”

So this group is full of so much talent including members from Too Late The Hero, Roseview, and Vanna. This song makes me bang my head the whole way through. I’m a little too big to crowd surf but if I were ever to do that I’d want to do it to this track!