Review: Chuck Palahniuk – Adjustment Day

Chuck Palahniuk makes sure that you aren’t prepared for Adjustment Day in any way, shape, or form. The book puts chaos on display as people run for their lives, just trying to make sure they survive it. Gaysia, Blacktopia, and Caucasia play on today’s current political climate in a bit of a terrifying way.

Chuck Palahniuk does satire well and it’s on full display in this book. The story revolves around a manifesto-like book that can be compared to Mein Kampf. This brings about Adjustment Day, which is meant to be a fresh start, should you make it out in one piece. All crimes, warrants, and debts will be erased for those left standing.

While Fight Club is still my favorite piece of work from Palahniuk, I love that he doesn’t hesitate to poke fun at it in this. He calls it “seemingly transgressive.” He also has some fantastic descriptions in this book that just bring the pages to life.

Aside from the Fight Club reference, many other pop culture references can be found throughout. One of my favorites is when the book mentions that it was debated to kill Mr. King. Naturally, the first thought would be Martin Luther King Jr., but instead, they mean Stephen King. Having him killed was debated because he “had almost convinced white people of the majestic uncanny powers blacks kept under wraps.” So not only does he take a jab at his own work, but he tosses Stephen King into the fun, as well.

Adjustment Day is a book that isn’t afraid to offend anyone and everyone. At times it’s harsh and unpleasant, but such is life. While Adjustment Day might not be real, in a way, it felt like it could be if things keep going downhill from here. Once you get going, you won’t want to put this book down.

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