Monday Musings: All Things Avengers: Infinity War

After seeing Avengers: Infinity War on release day, I’ve been catching up on various podcasts and articles on it. I’m not as thrilled with it as some, but I did think it was a solid movie up until the end. If you don’t want it spoiled for you, though, I’d stop reading now.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Review: Everything You Wanted and More

Marvel has never been particularly interested in its villains before. Most of them have been the garden-variety mustache twirlers with generic “destroy the world” plans. Killmonger in Black Panther and Loki in the Thor films have been noticeable deviations from this trope, but Thanos is even different from those characters thanks to a surprisingly affecting motion-capture performance from Josh Brolin.

I agree with Dave Schilling that Thanos is a unique villain. He’s going to be hard to top going forward. Give this full review a read because it’s a good one.

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. Thanos (Josh Brolin). Photo: Film Frame. ©Marvel Studios 2018

Infinity War Filmmakers Explain the Writing Process: Baseball Cards, Manifestos, and Care

It all started to balance out once we realized that Thanos is the main character; he’s the protagonist of this movie. He is actually the driving force. He will dictate everything that happens in the movie. Until his story or the ramifications of his story interact with certain characters, they’re not in the movie. He is pulling people into the drama. We had written, at some point, one of those big-ass group scenes. “Let’s get everybody together in a conference room and talk about the threat that’s coming.” It was cool, because everyone was there, but it was awful.

Marc Bernardin sat down with the filmmakers of Avengers: Infinity War and Christopher Markus made the above statement about the balance of the characters in the film. I did feel that there was a good balance and the teams of characters that were grouped together made sense rather than having everyone in one place.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ May Be The Dorkiest Movie Ever Made, But One Filled With Great Moments

So, for basically 90 percent of this movie, I’m sitting there thinking, Okay, this is awesome. Then things changed slightly. And I need to be clear: not to the point it changes how I feel about the movie. I still enjoyed it immensely. But Infinity War did send me out on an unfulfilled note, which, to be fair, is probably by design. It’s kind of like if you were riding a roller coaster and having just the best experience. Then, off in the distance, you can see the final crazy loop that ends the ride. “Oh my gosh, this has been so much fun already but look at that loop coming up!” And then the ride bypasses the last loop and just kind of ends and you’re told to get out. And you’re left feeling like, “That was great but I thought we were going to go through that last loop but I guess not.”

This paragraph by Mike Ryan writing for UPROXX captures how I also felt about the end of the movie. I’ll have a podcast coming out on the movie next week with some more thoughts, but this sums it up nicely.


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