Review: Hot Mulligan’s Pilot shows us that pop-punk isn’t dead

If pop punk really is dead, Hot Mulligan didn’t get the memo or just didn’t care. Pilot takes the genre to a different level. For a while now, I’ve found myself growing out of wanting to listen to pop punk a lot. There was a stretch where I really enjoyed it and it just kept tapering off for me. Hot Mulligan hit the “refresh” button on pop punk.

If an opening track doesn’t set the tone for an album, you’ll be doomed from the start. “Deluxe Capacitor” instantly let’s you know what you’re in for with Pilot and that’s fantastic. “All You Wanted By Michelle Branch” was the first song I heard off of this album and I still get a kick out of the title.

One things that makes this album stand out is how varied the guitar sounds are. They aren’t strictly using power chords, which pop punks have been known to do. The lyrics are quite relatable, too. “Good Ol’ Mr. Rags” has a line that mention missing someone even though you just saw them. Have you ever been so close to someone that a day without them feels weird? It’s something a lot of people can relate to.

Hot Mulligan gives off a vibe of the band being like a family and it shines at the end of “Scream Mountain” when things get quiet and it’s just an acoustic guitar and their voices. James Shotwell wrote about the band’s live performance in their hometown on March 10 and described the band’s infectious energy, which they also display on Pilot.

Pilot takes you on a journey of growing up, learning lessons, and just living life. We all do it whether it feels like it or not. This albums rips through 11 songs and they’re all worth a listen. I highly recommend doing so.

You can grab a copy of Pilot via Amazon now.