Playlist: Mindless Matters Share Their Favorite Songs From Ohio Artists

Mindless Matters shared some songs from fellow Ohio artists that they enjoy. The band also released Shiggy Diggy back in November. The EP has a laid back vibe to it when it starts and it dives into a wider variety of sounds. If you’re looking for something to chill out and listen to, you can check out the EP on Mindless Matters’ Bandcamp. Check out the playlist below.

Blue Walls – “Oh, Chicago”

This song is by one of our favorite local bands that we’re very close with. We would suggest everyone to turn it on in the summer just as we would any of their other songs because they’re all super pumping just like summer is, and Chicago.

Joe Walsh – “Life’s Been Good”

This has one of the most iconic opening guitar riffs ever made by one of the best guitarists to ever live. Kameron also usually soundchecks with this riff.

The Pretenders – “Back On The Chain Gang”

Chrissie Hynde is one of the most powerful female fronts and has an amazing voice. This song has been one of our favorite songs from the 80’s lately.

The Black Keys – “Thickfreakness”

We love Dan Auerbach’s fuzzed out guitar in this song and we have covered it a few times. The Black Keys are also really rockin’ for our drummer because he is from the Akron area.

Discount Nostalgia – “Pageantry”*

This tune is a really fun one because we can’t identify a single song that sounds similar. The opening lyrics stay in your head for a long time and it is super unique and groovy as are all of Discount Nostalgia’s songs.

James Gang – “Funk #49”

This song also has a really great guitar riff and a real gritty, squacky tone that our guitarist really loves. A lot of James Gang’s music really stands out amongst similar genres back then to us. It could be the cool name of the unique vibe.

The Ice Cream Militia – “Stay”

This is our favorite song by another Toledo local band that we really like. Their live performances are crazy with their 5 man lineup all playing instruments too. The funky reggae style to this song really gets into our heads because we love a lot of the different rhythms mixing like they do.

Rogue – “Crazed”

Another close local band to us, and they have some of the best crowds in Toledo that we’ve seen. This song in particular is really slamming and it gets everyone really into it.

Twenty One  Pilots – “Ride”

This is kind of one of the only songs we like by these guys but they are great musicians and great people so they’re cool. This song is really nice because it has a really good mix of modern day pop and reggae in it.

Juxtapose – “If I Was”*

This song is a series of really catchy riffs and melodies to us. The vocals are simple lyrics chanted by two guys for most of the song and it really adds some energy and character to the surfy tones that come out of Juxtapose.

*Song is not available on Spotify