Playlist: Songs That Inspire Off Road Minivan

Off Road Minivan put together a list of songs that inspires them to play the way that they do. You can check out the playlist and why they selected each song below.

Band Of Horses – “The Great Salt Lake”

This song has a size to that’s very interesting since tonally the guitars are thin. It’s big and melodic yet sounds like your standard indie rock band. I dig it.

Coheed and Cambria – “Blood Red Summer”

This song was when they got very poppy. This song is super melodic and catchy with counterpoint vocal melodies interweaving throughout the song. It’s got great rhythmic phrasing. I Love the bridge and ending of this song.

Manchester Orchestra – “The Gold”

It’s a song that truly fills the room. The vocals layer with the music in a way that completely captivated the crowd.

Pianos Become The Teeth – “Late Lives”

From start to finish it just sucks me in. The vocals are so sincere and caring.

Thursday – “For the Workforce Drowning”

I always loved how this song crashes right in with an intense ebb and flow of energy.  It’s this kind of immediate impact mixed with musical storytelling that embodies how we love to organize music ourselves.

Arcade Fire – “Reflektor”

Loved this song from the arcade fire, such a banger chorus. The whole song really places you in a particular mellow yet upbeat atmosphere.  The balance of effortless cool and danceability makes for a very accessible sound that invited you to feel part of something exclusive.

Snow Patrol – “Chasing Cars”

This song is just a classic and that can’t be denied. Whether you love it or hate it I’m sure everyone has some memories associated with it.  It has this simplicity that somehow evokes so much emotion and constantly builds tension throughout the entire song.  Truly an epic in its genre.

Trade Wind – “Lowest Form”

I’m a huge fan of dark ambient riffs and this track does it for me. The drum groove and vocal melody through seal the deal.

Thrice – “The Window”

The guitars in this song are amazing. It’s like the guitars and the vocals are speaking to each other.

Death Cab For Cutie – “Soul Meets Body”

I first listened to this song about 10 years ago and still do often. It’s catchy, simple and perfect.

Moving Mountains – “My Life Is Like A Chase Dream (And I’m Still Having Chase Dreams)”

The strong beginning and moving chorus are an inspiration to create  impactful parts that really jump out at you.

Armor For Sleep – “The Truth About Heaven”

The way the guitars in this song work together and play off each other are really what inspire me. Combined with the awesomely Hooky vocal melodies.

Deftones – “You’ve Seen The Butcher”

This song captures the “heavier” influence behind some of our parts. Also messing around with different/changing timings is something very inspiring to our writing.

Bayside – “Guardrail”

The way this song is written is something that really stands out. The song structure is extremely smart, the parts flow awesomely into one another, and it takes me back to listening to music as a kid.

Thursday – “Standing on the Edge of Summer”

Thursday always did things a little differently in their own style. Being able to capture your own unique, affective style is something that always grabbed me about them.

Saosin – “It’s Far Better To Learn”

The faced paced intricate lead guitars of saosin were always something I was inspired by and use to draw ideas from for certain lead parts. Not to mention every song on this album is a hit.