Monday Musings: Super Bowl LII

Today is all about Super Bowl LII. As a huge Packers fan, the outcome of this game ultimately didn’t affect me. Or so I thought. During my time in Philly for college, it was apparent how much that city loves their sports teams. My investment in the Eagles went as far as me hoping they’d win some games so I could get some free coffee from Dunkin Donuts. That said, I’m happy for the city and the fact that they can celebrate a huge victory like this.

Here are a couple Super Bowl articles to check out that are way more articulate than I would be on the topic.

Super Bowl LII Recap – The Ringer

Philadelphia’s 41-33 victory over the Patriots was a triumph for the best version of the league’s best team—a version that had been on display for the vast majority of the season. Pederson was brilliant as both a play-caller and play designer, and let the overwhelming talent lining this roster take over when it mattered most. The Eagles may have entered the Super Bowl as an underdog, but they were the superior squad on Sunday night.

Robert Mays is a writer I’ve been following for a while now. He has a great grasp on football and keeping up with every team in the league. His recap is a good one if you just want to look through some of the big moments from the game.

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Underdog Eagles Played Fearlessly Against the Patriots, and Now They’re Super Bowl Champions – SI

These Eagles are a blend of advanced thinking and basic values. They go for it on fourth down and practice hard, and they show Foles that they trust him by letting him rip the ball against a dynasty. Long dismissed any magic formula, saying “The reason we won is we’ve got good people, unselfish people, and we’ve got really good players.”

This article by Michael Rosenberg takes a good look at how the Eagles were able to defeat the Patriots and keep their cool when things didn’t go quite as planned. The Eagles stepped up in a way that many thought they wouldn’t once Carson Wentz was out for the season and their confidence won them a Super Bowl.

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