Monday Musings: Black Lightning, Constantine, and More

Monday Musings is back with a superhero-filled edition. We have Black Lightning, Constantine, and more. Check it out below.

Cress Williams on Nerdist Podcast 

Cress Williams (Black Lightning, Grey’s Anatomy, Friday Night Lights) talks to Chris and Jonah about growing up in Orange County, deciding to get in better physical shape and how he got the role of Black Lightning. They also talk about the world of the CW superheroes, getting over addiction and they talk about the character of Black Lightning and what to expect from the tv show!

Cress Williams had a chat with Chris Hardwick about Black Lightning. They talk about more than just the show, though, and it’s a great conversation. I highly recommend checking this out.

Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow

Constantine is making an appearance on Legends of Tomorrow and I’m excited for it. Peronsally, I really enjoyed the show and was hoping it would get a longer run than it did.

Grant Morrison’s Batman run

After ordering the remaining comics I needed to complete my collection of Grant Morrison’s Batman run, I finally started reading through it. I’ve made my way through Batman and Son, Batman R.I.P., and Batman: Time and the Batman so far. The run is really interesting so far and I’ll hit the Batman & Robin trades soon. For Batman fans, I recommend checking out Morrison’s run.