Review: Lizzy Farrall – All I Said Was Never Heard

Lizzy Farrall’s All I Said Was Never Heard fits right in with the likes of Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers. The EP is intensely personal in the same way. Plus, Farrall’s voice is a refreshing one to hear. “Broken Toy” is fairly stripped down, which puts a huge focus on the vocals. The song is one about being alone and trying to get over someone. “I’ll forever be that broken toy on your shelf” is a powerful line. A broken toy on someone’s shelf is usually there because there’s some sentimental value to it, but maybe it’s not quite worth trying to fix.

“Pack Of Wolves” has more meat to the music, but it’s not overbearing. The drums are pretty sparse, never taking over in any sort of flashy way. While the music sounds simple, the lyrics are the more complex part of the songs. In this song, Farrall sings of being a lone wolf, so there’s a theme of being alone or feeling that way, at least.

The next two songs, “Better With” and “Better Off,” tie into each other nicely. At the start of “Better With,” the guitars are more driven and there’s a prominent bass line once she starts singing. Farrall’s voice meshes well whether it’s a full band behind her or something more stripped down. For such a quick listen (the EP is about 17 minutes), she packs in a good variety of songs. “Hollow Friends” closes out the EP with a similar vibe that “Broken Toy” started it with.

Lizzy Farrall is an artist everyone should at least give a listen to. She’s a skilled songwriter who deserves the attention. All I Said Was Never Heard is solid all the way through and is an EP I’ll keep returning to. If you’re interested (and I hope you are), you can grab yourself a copy via Amazon.