Playlist: One Flew West Share Songs That Shaped Their Sound

One Flew West picked out some songs from bands that influenced their sound. You can check out the playlist and why they picked each song below.

Frank Turner – “I Still Believe”

We’ve listened to Frank Turner for as long as we’ve been playing together, and his style has obviously rubbed off on us. His passion for rock and punk music helped shaped our perception of what music means to us as an artist.

Social Distortion – “Story of My Life”

This song symbolizes growing up with each other while being in the band, and how we’ve aged while being in a band.

Mumford and Sons – “Little Lion Man”

The first performances we ever had as a band were on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.  We would street perform for tips, and this was one of the earliest songs we played as a group.  Mumford and Sons were a band that had an enormous impact on us when we formed our first band in high school.

Green Day – “Longview”

Like many other people, Green Day was the first punk band that really made an impression on us as kids.  Their use of simple song structure and loud choruses are something we take influence from.

The Killers – “Mr. Brightside”

The Killers are the band that we are influenced by in terms of melody and voice.  When listening to the Killers, its clear that Linden sounds a lot like Brandon Flowers.

The Spill Canvas – “All Over You”

This song gets an audience to bounce better than any song we’ve ever seen, and we’ve used this song as an inspiration when writing high energy songs.  We’ve also played with The Spill Canvas several times, and respect them a ton.

Tenacious D – “Kielbasa”

We have an incredibly moronic sense of humor, and we’ve written stupid songs like this for years, (although they never see the light of day).  We’ve also been known to cover Tenacious D at shows every once in a while.

Weezer – “My Name Is Jonas”

As much as we don’t like to admit it, Guitar Hero had a pretty big influence on us as middle schoolers in the mid 2000’s.  The incorporation of acoustic guitar into distorted alternative music is also something that we use in our own music.

blink-182 – “What’s My Age Again?”

This song could have been literally any song of off “Enema of the State,” but this one resonates with us a bit more.  In high school, we probably listened to this album every day.  Even today, we still listen to it constantly in the van.

Descendents – “Hope”

Easily one of the most important punk bands of all time, Descendants have had a huge impression on us.  We recorded our last album at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, which is owned and operated by Bill Stevenson (drums, primary songwriter).  It’s pretty much impossible to record in that studio, and not be inspired by all the classic punk records hanging on the walls. You can really hear it on Trial and Error, coming January 25th, 2018.