Playlist: American Standards Share Their Influences

American Standards took some time to put together a playlist of songs that influenced their work. We tossed in a couple of the band’s songs, as well, so you have an idea on how those songs influenced their music. Check out what the band has to say about the playlist and give it a listen below.

When choosing songs for this playlist, we really wanted to make it a nostalgic look back at some the bands that initially got us excited about playing music. I still remember my first time hearing Zao and thinking “how in the world can a person make that noise with their mouth” or listening to MewithoutYou and realizing how poetic and eclectic heavy music could be. When going through the tracks I think you’ll start to realize why American Standards has such a diverse sound while still keeping our feet grounded firmly in more of the early 2000s era of post-hardcore and dissonant metalcore. I hope you enjoy and thank you to HiFi Noise for letting us put this together!