SoCal Spotlight: Pacific Radio

Pacific Radio is up next on our SoCal Spotlight. Find out all about the band below!

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA
When the band formed:  2015

Joe Robinson:  Guitar and Lead Vocal
Joe Stiteler:  Bass
Kyle Biane:  Guitar
Hyke Shirinian:  Drums

When did you first know you wanted to be in a band?

JR:  I’ve been in bands since high school but I’ve never been the singer, too much pressure, always the guitarist. One day I wrote some songs, put on galaxy tights and gold chains, and I’m the singer of Pacific Radio…what the f.

JS:  That’s a great question.  I got the itch when a buddy of mine started showing me songs he’d written, then later asked me if I’d play bass for him.  I looked at it as a fun and creative way to hang out with friends.

KB:  I was probably about 12, and an obsession with Nirvana kept growing and growing. Next thing I knew I had convinced my best friend to play bass and we scoured the middle school for anyone with a drum kit. We wrote 4 songs and started looking for gigs. Not to much has changed to this day.

HS:  hmm in a way it was never even a thought for me. I grabbed an instrument the second I could and asked my best friends in 5th grade if they wanted to start a band.

How did the current lineup come to be?

JS:  Me and JR knew each other from past bands.  When we started to play these songs we decided to record a demo, and were introduced to Kyle.  He engineered and produced our first batch of songs and when we decided to play live shows, we asked him if he’d be our guitarist.  Hyke descended upon us from the heavens a few years later.

KB:  I joined up after recording the band’s first demos. My original role was to play all the extra guitar parts we put on the record. It was not long after that group of shows that I became a full member.

With all the little pockets of music scenes in SoCal, how do you go about checking out the local scene and finding new bands to listen to or even perform with?

JR:  There’s always something happening in this damn place. You gotta pull yourself up and see the scene or you’re going to be left in your little box of self importance wondering why nobody comes to your shows. It’s rewarding to support other bands because I know their fighting the same battles.

JS:  It’s tougher than it seems.  We’ve had to scour the local music scene to find bands we wanna share a bill with; venues and bills change from night to night and it’s tough to find a consistent rock night.

KB:  I think it is pretty common that musicians gravitate to each other in cities. LA was that story for me. Having all my friends be musicians exposed me to all sorts of scenes. I also have to give the network most of the credit for me discovering new music here.

HS:  Being in the scene you get to meet a ton of cool players and bands. It just happens organically.

What’s your favorite thing about the SoCal scene? What’s one thing you wish you could change about it?

JR:  Favorite: Neverending stimulation. Change: I know social media numbers are important but I really wish “they” would listen to a damn song before passing judgement.

KB:  I love the amount of talent that is in this scene. In my opinion it is the most talented scene in the world. I do wish that the audiences were slightly more open to exploring musical tastes instead of coming for their one friend’s band and leaving right after.

HS:  My favorite thing is that there’s a ton of music. That’s also my least favorite thing.

JS:  I wish I could give the SoCal scene a hot beef injection of rock & roll.

There’s no doubt that this is a crowded place. So do you ever find it difficult to build up even just a solid local following? How does the band go about doing that?

JR:  So many options, you gotta give em a reason to pick you. Great songs and an exciting show is our angle.

KB:  I don’t have a simple answer. For one, I try to keep posting on social media at a consistent pace. You are totally right, with so many musicians and bands, it can be hard to break through the noise.

How do you handle the band’s social media presence? Where can the readers follow you?

JS:  I gotta shoutout my man Kyle for keeping our social up and running with cool, funny, interesting posts.

KB:  Thanks JS, but I’d say we share the responsibility of coming up with the content and try to keep it fun. Check it out! Insta: @pacificradio Twitter: @PacRadBand Facebook: Pacific Radio Band

Do you have a favorite SoCal spot to play? What makes it your favorite?

JS:  We played a School Night last February at Bardot and it was buck wild.

HS:  I love the Troubadour. Good on stage sound!

KB: Troubador for sure.

What is the band working on right now?

JR:  Pushing this album, shows shows shows, and writing number 2.

JS:  Trying to get my bass to the next level.

KB:  Tour planning and laying out the battle plans for record two!