Playlist: Songs That Influenced The Bad Bees

The Bad Bees took some time to make a playlist of their various influences. Check out their selections and what they said about each one. You can also check out their latest EP, Big Pretty, at the end of the post.

“Do I Wanna Know?” – The Arctic Monkeys

One of the first times we got together, this album had just come out. Brian showed us all the music video and we were hooked. While Arctic Monkey’s previous stuff had been filled with their anxious energy, this song was brimming with silky smooth confidence. It’s hard not to sing along with every line.

“Pools” – Glass Animals

This is what a jungle ritual would sound like in the future, maybe in an episode of Samurai Jack. It’s eerie yet upbeat, catchy yet complex. Something I sing in the car when no one can hear me miss those notes.

“Blood Red Summer” – Coheed and Cambria

A staple for anyone in a pop-punk phase, these guys very much transcended the genera. Some of my favorite aspects of them are their multi-act songs, and their ability to convey the grandeur of their story. But just as impressive are Claudio’s hooks. This is a wonderfully dark pop song that you cant help but sing along to.

“Breezeblocks” – Alt-J

We’ve always been obsessed with vocalists with a unique style, and these guys are up there. Between harmonies and singing in round, their songs really pull you along as the song goes. The vocals are used as instruments in this song in a way that gives it incredible dynamics.

“Sextape” – Deftones

This song is super dreamy, like you’re living in reverb. It can almost put you into a trance right before the chorus comes in and washes you away into oblivion. Long live reverb.

“Christ Deformed” – The Black Dahlia Murder

We are absolutely reformed metal heads. A few members used to be in a metal band back in high school, but it’s not something that ever goes away. These guys hit our progressive roots with those melodies and structure, but those riffs and drums hit you right in the face in the best way.

“Cicatriz EPS” – The Mars Volta

When you think progressive you normally think mathematical and scientific, but with these guys I think its much more of a guttural, primitive form of progressive music. There’s so much eerie space going on during this song, and then they stop, for a few more measures then you expect, and then just hit you so hard with the chorus. The vocals are unreal on this track.

“While You Wait for the Others” – Grizzly Bear

These guys are the masters of minimalism, and this song is one of their best. The contradiction between the quiet and restrained parts, and the huge, overwhelming and open chorus makes it feel that much bigger.

“Obstacle 1” – Interpol

Every instrument in this song has its own voice and place in the song, and yet they feel as if it’s all being played as one. It’s a great driving tune.

“Airbag” – Radiohead

These guys are so good at walking the line of dissonance. These dense layers of sound fade in and out, feeling almost more like an ethereal composition than a rock song. It’s like driving a car through a thick fog.

“Battery Kinzie” – Fleet Foxes

While it may not seem on the surface that these guys have anything to do with our music, I think these are one of the bands we all come back to the most. Just a huge wave of sound, you never really can tell which instrument is doing what. Voices, guitars, woodwinds, everything comes together with this driving rhythm, and we really relate to this kind of songwriting.