Playlist: 10 Songs That Shaped Acadia’s Sound

Acadia put together a list of songs that helped shape their sound. The influences are clear when you give their music a listen. Check out their selections, why they picked them, and the playlist below.

Free Throw – “Pallet Town”

Raw, real, and polished all in one song and band.

The Hotelier – “Your Deep Rest”

Captivating story telling with fantastic song crafting.

The Wonder Years – “Cigarettes and Saints”

The entire The Greatest Generation album is huge influence, but if I have to pick one song it’s this one from their newest album because of the building nature of the song.

Tiny Moving Parts – “Headache”

TMP has always done a great job of blending the melancholy and the energetic.

Trophy Eyes – “Nose Bleed”

This song tends to get stuck in my head a lot. One of the best from an incredibly catchy, eclectic album.

McCafferty – “Cut Out the Pieces”

Another sad song you can dance to.

Balance and Composure – “Reflection”

Nice melancholy vibe while hard hitting. A strong build.

Citizen – “Fever Days”

A recently released song from their new album, As You Please.” Album is filled with ambience and the placement of songs is fantastic.

Pianos Become the Teeth – “Old Jaw”

This album is very dear to my heart as someone with a family member with a serious illness. This song in particular speaks to me.

Taking Back Sunday – “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)”

Mainstay that cultivated many genres. Reminds us to keep true to our roots.