Playlist: Common Grounds Select 10 Winter Warmers

Common Grounds put together a playlist with ten winter warmers. They’re the songs that they’ve been jamming for the holidays. Check them all out below.

NeverShoutNever – “30 Days”

NeverShoutNever is an amazing band that I’ve listened too and followed for years. Making a Christmas love song compliments them and might just be relatable to some.

Set It Off – “This Christmas”

This song makes me think of Christmas because when this song was released, me and my friend were living together and this song would be played over and over again everyday.

The Used – “Alone This Holiday”

The Used never disappoints and straight killed this one.

Waterparks – “Powerless”

Waterparks album “Double Dare” was released in November but me and Mikey listened to this song over and over again all throughout December while living in our van in LA.

The Wonder Years – “Dismantling Summer”

This song makes me think of Christmas because of the emotional response I encountered driving back and forth from California to Nevada during Christmas time while my grandfather was very ill. It’s a downer but still a great song.

Silverstein – “Je Me Souviens”

When my first band was in LA during a tour we were doing, this song was discovered on a cold December morning in a condo in downtown LA. I played it and Instantly fell in love with how catchy it is.

City Lights – “Lawnmower”

This song was on repeat last Christmas. There’s no correlation between the holiday, it was just “the song”.

The Holdup – “The Drugs”

There was a time where we would party every single weekend, even in December on those freezing cold nights. This song is what got us through it all.

The Beach Boys – “Lonely Sea”

I’ve been in love with this song this whole month so this one is the current Christmas jam.

Blue Foundation – “Eyes On Fire”

This song just super chill but also picks up and becomes a bit ferocious. Kind of reminds me of the month December.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our playlist! Merry Christmas!