Monday Musings: Cyber Monday Deals

Monday Musings is back with some Cyber Monday deals. We have some music, movies, and more to check out.

Star Wars trilogy on DVD/Blu-ray

The Star Wars trilogy is available for $20 on DVD and Blu-ray. The prequels are also up for $20. Get your Star Wars fix if you don’t already own the films.

Modern Vinyl deal thread

Modern Vinyl put up a great thread on various deals from a ton of great record labels and stores. Go grab yourself some good music today.It says Black Friday deals, but the Cyber Monday ones are there, too.

Wreck It Records digital sale

I put up a Cyber Monday sale for my label today. Some releases are “name your price,” but for those that aren’t, you can grab them for 50% with code “CYBER” over on Bandcamp.

Other Amazon Deals

Just hop on over to the Cyber Monday page on Amazon to check out tons of other deals.