Monday Musings: iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

Monday Musings is back (a bit later than usual) to bring you some iPhone reviews. The main dilemma is do you want the 8 or the X? Check out what some tech folks have to say about them.

iPhone X Review (TechCrunch)

When Face ID did fail for me, it was almost always a function of one of two things: I wasn’t looking at the phone when it made the attempt (I have attention detection toggled on) or it was at too steep an angle and couldn’t see my whole face. If it was pointed at me and I was looking, it opened. There were definitely a couple of failed tries, but no more than I’ve seen with a Touch ID finger placement not being good enough. A second swipe/try typically opened it.

Matthew Panzarino took the iPhone X to Disneyland to test it out during his one-week review period. It’s a fantastic way to test a phone. You’re out and about, you can see just how well the battery works during a day trip, and well, it’s Disneyland so you can take plenty of pictures to check out the camera’s performance.

I Tried The iPhone X — And The Killer Feature Is Its Size (Buzzfeed)

The home button, the iPhone’s longtime escape key, has been replaced with a slew of different swipes and volume control/power button combos. Swipe up to get back to the homescreen. Swipe down from the top right for the Control Center. Swipe up from the bottom and hold to go to the app switcher. Press and hold the side button to activate Siri. Press and hold the side button and volume button to turn the device off…and so on and so forth.

Nicole Nguyen at Buzzfeed was able to test the iPhone X for a week, too. This one is a great, thorough review of what all the phone is capable of.

Review: Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus (Wired)

If you do buy an 8, it’ll be for one of two very important, very noticeable upgrades. The first is wireless charging, a decade-old tech that’s finally made its way into the iPhone. Apple doesn’t make a wireless charger yet—the AirPower mat comes next year—but the iPhone 8 works with any pad using the popular Qi standard. The phone charges quite a bit slower on the pad than plugged into the wall, but it’s worth it for the freedom. Wireless charging makes the iPhone feel less like a Tamagotchi needing constant feeding, and more like a digital sidekick that’s always ready to go.

The iPhone 8 is more of an update than a whole new phone like the X. David Pierce has a good review of what’s new on it.

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