Review: Weller – Weller

A few weeks ago, Weller released their debut, self-titled album. Even with the album having 10 songs, it comes in at a quick 24 minutes. Only two songs ever run over three minutes and despite it being short, a lot is packed into it. With your mainstream releases, it can feel like songs are shoehorned into that 3-4 minute runtime. Weller never makes their songs feel that way. They take time when they need it and make the point quickly when necessary.

The vocals throughout the album have an intimate feeling to them. You really get the sense that you’re getting a firsthand look into someone’s life. “Answer Anything” gives that feeling right away and is a good opening song to set the mood for the album. “Boroughs” talks about living in a cleaner place and not aging. The words give you a sort of image, frozen in time, of those two things. A cleaner place isn’t hard to imagine, but there’s still something personal about it. I’ve always thought you could tell a lot about someone just by walking into their place. This feels like it’s giving you a sense of that in a way. Like they deserve to live in a much cleaner place.

“Standard” is one of those three minute plus songs, but it never feels like it. It engrosses you so you don’t even notice that much time has passed. There’s a little bit of everything on this album. “Buck” starts with a more full feel to the music and then thins out as the vocals come in. It really allows you to focus on the lyrics and the dynamics throughout the song are great. “Point of Personal Privilege” rounds out the album in a nice fashion. There’s avoidance, which we’ve all experienced in one way or another, which leaves you finishing the album on a relatable note

You won’t find any filler on this album. Weller is a great addition to the ever-enjoyable Philly music scene. At times, I start to miss it and then realize, I can at least listen to it whenever I’d like. Not to mention, this is a nicely timed release because it brings those fall vibes throughout it. The band put out a solid release as their debut. Pick up a copy if you’re interested.