Monday Musings: Constantine, Runaways, and Castle Rock Trailers

Monday Musings returns with a few trailers I’ve recently enjoyed. They were posted on our social accounts, but I wanted to get some thoughts down on them, too. Check them all out below.

Constantine’s live-action show didn’t last long, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Matt Ryan is a great fir for the character and he’s returning to voice him for an animated show on CW Seed. You can bet that I’ll be watching this show and I may even have a few things to say about it over on Hidden Remote.

Marvel might have their Netflix shows, but that isn’t stopping them from putting out Runaways on Hulu. The comic by Brian K. Vaughan was an absolute joy to read and this trailer has me convinced that this show is worth checking out.

Hulu is on a roll with trailers lately. Castle Rock isn’t coming until 2018, but I’m already excited about it. Sissy Spacek returns to the Stephen King universe and there are quite a few Easter eggs from his other properties. Marc Bernardin did some work on the show and that’s how I initially found out about it. His involvement adds to my excitement level because he does some great writing.