Playlist: Father Mountain’s Favorite Fall Jams

Father Mountain put together a playlist of some of their favorite songs. You can give it a listen and read about their selections below. There’s a ton of great songs on this one!

Bad Books – “The After Party”

When I first discoved Bad Books, I was on fall break from college. At the time I just really connected with the lines in this song {it’s good to be alone / I hate to be alone}. I specifically remember listening to this in my room alone thinking “damn, this is super relevant.” – Jesse

The Menzingers – “Your Wild Years”

Fall always has me nostalgic, looking to drive through the mountains listening to Springsteen with the windows down. I’m a big fan of pretty much everything the Menzingers have done, but the narrative and the simple, punchy drums in this song match that feeling perfectly. – Austin

Anathallo – “Noni’s Field”

“We are no longer tied in to our bodies, we left them as a sign; to slip in to the cracks, tired and ready to go.” – Zane

Pinegrove – “The Metronome”

Fell in love with this band this year, can’t stop listening. – Travis

Jimmy Eat World – “Pain”

I actually first heard this song on Tony Hawk’s Underground 2. That was a long time ago, but I’ve always loved jamming to this song in my car with the windows down when the weather gets cooler. – Jesse

Nana Grizol – “Blackbox”

Everything about this song – the loose guitars, the bouncy feel, the abstract narrative – feels like fall to me. Nana Grizol nails the mood I’m in on a crisp Sunday without a lot to do. – Austin

Loyle Carner – “Damselfly”

Damselfly and the LP it come from (“Yesterday’s Gone”) hit me the same way The Devil and God… and Mean Everything to Nothing did when I heard them. This one is definitely a “put your headphones in and enjoy the long walk, letting the brisk wind dance against you” kind of track. – Zane

WHY? – “Simeon’s Dilemma”

My girlfriend showed me Why? a couple of years ago on a beautiful fall day in a beautiful city, and I feel like the lyrics to this song have been floating around in the back of my mind ever since. “You’re the only proper noun I need,” has to be one of the sweetest, simplest lyrics ever written. – Austin

Pedro the Lion – “Secret of the Easy Yoke”

Some of the most formative moments  in my adult life have taken place around late night, autumn campfires with a group of friends who first introduced me to Bazan. This song always reminds me of some of the most amazing people I know. – Travis

Brand New – “Okay, I Believe You but My Tommy Gun Don’t”

I found this song as I was going through a rough breakup around this time of year. The cockiness of the lyrics seemed to give me a bit of much needed confidence and a sense of control over the situation. – Jesse

Foxing – “Night Channels”

Walking to class, headphones in with leaves crunching underfoot. A perfect song to help you get lost in your head. – Travis

Yellow Ostrich – “When All is Dead”

Oh man! I first heard this song on my way back to Oklahoma after being gone for two years. That familiar mix of trepidation and excitement filled my stomach , and the brass movement in this song brought it all to capitulation. “Strange Land“ in its entirety is worth a listen, not just its killer closing track. – Zane

Honorable Mentions:

Frontier Ruckus – “Visit Me”

Death Cab for Cutie – “Tiny Vessels”

American Football – “Never Meant.”