Monday Musings: Packers and Stephen King

Monday Musings returns with some Packers and Stephen King articles and videos. There’s a ton of Stephen King content lately, and this is just a small look at it.

Aaron Rodgers Finally Got the Chance to Show Off His Jedi Powers in Overtime

Green Bay’s 27-24 overtime win against the Bengals on Sunday is just the latest chapter in our alternate timeline where Luke Skywalker grew up on Earth and played professional football in Wisconsin.

That sentence alone made this piece worth reading for me. I love it when two things I enjoy cross paths like this.

1922 Trailer

Another Stephen King movie is coming to Netflix in October. I’ll definitely be checking this out.

Stephen King at 70

Entertainment Weekly did a week long tribute to Stephen King last week as he celebrated his 70th birthday. I’ve linked to the first piece, which has Richard Chizmar talking about the author.

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