Interview: Have A Good Season

Have A Good Season answered some questions for the site. The band talks about working with Jesse Cannon, their new single, and more. Check out the full interview below.

When the band started in late 2012, did you have any goals you knew you wanted to hit?

We wanted to play house shows and build a local fanbase. It was what a lot of our friends and favorite bands were doing at the time so it felt like a good first step for us.

You have two EPs out now. How would you say the band has progressed through those two releases and now the new single, “Gum,” that recently released?

I think we’ve definitely matured thematically and lyrically. We’re also better at showing each other ideas and building off of them so each of us have a hand at finalizing a song.

What was it like working with Cannon Found Soundation? Do you plan to work with them some more?

Mike and Jesse at Canon Found Soundation were both really great to work with. We wanted to try something a little different for “Gum” so we went with Adam Chichocki at Timbre Studio. Adam had a lot of great ideas and his mixing/mastering helped us make “Gum” sound exactly how we envisioned it.

Being in New Jersey, do you travel to New York and Philly to play shows and expand your fanbase?

We’ve played a few house shows in Philly and some gigs in NY as well. Those are two places we definitely want to play more often in. Always a fun time. Our most recent out of state show was with Brian from Have Mercy. It was a really nice, intimate set in Brooklyn at this ballroom venue.

What is the hometown scene like?

Our hometown scene is amazing! NJ is and always has been a great place for music. Growing up, we all went to shows in Asbury Park and New Brunswick and Red Bank. Being able to play those same places when HAGS started really helped us build a fanbase in NJ.

What do you currently have in the works? Are there plans for a full-length?

Hopefully a full length sometime this year. Maybe a tour? We aren’t positive yet. Definitely gonna keep writing and playing shows here and there though.

Do any of the members have hobbies outside of the band?

I love to draw. I’ve been doing the artwork for HAGS for a while now. I love weird comics and old cartoons and that kind of thing so I guess that’s why my artwork looks the way it does. I’ve done all of our t-shirt graphics and the cover art for “Gum.” You can follow me on Instagram at boy_oh_boy_art.

Lastly, where can out readers keep up with the band?

You can keep up with us on:
IG: haveagoodseas0n
We’re also on iTunes and Spotify. Cheers.