Interview: Faers

Faers took some time to answer some questions about getting involved in music, being on BBC Introducing, and more. Check out the full interview below.

How did you first get involved in the music scene?
Steven: Hi, thanks for having us. Ryan and Alex first got into the music scene a few years ago they have been in a few bands before FAERS. For myslef, Morgan and Sam this is our first band playing on the live scene.

When did things really start to come together for the band and you knew what direction you wanted to go in?
Ryan: I would say that things started to come together as a band when Alex joined last year. After he joined we started playing bigger shows and writing better songs.

What was it like having “Time” played on BBC Introducing?
Sam: It was great, lucky for us BBC Introducing have played a few of our single now. we are very grateful for their support.

What’s the best thing about being a part of the London music scene?
Morgan: The venues and the music lovers are the best thing about the london music scene. its important to keep these venues open…

Do you have a favorite spot to play in London?
Alex: We enjoy the shows in Camden they are always fun and sweaty. We have played some killer shows in Hoxton that we wont forget in a hurry

Where are you hoping to take the music next?
Steven: We are looking to do a small tour up the country next year with maybe the odd show in Europe. its important we play these shows in London but its also good to see if people enjoy our music outside our bubble

Thanks for your time. Where can our readers keep up with you?
Morgan: Thanks, check us out here: Facebook and Spotify.